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A.O. (Antony) Ongayo, Dr

A.O. (Antony) Ongayo, Dr

 Otieno Ong’ayo (Antony) is a political scietist by training. He is currently a lecturer within the Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian Action of the Faculty of Arts, Groningen University, where he is the convenor of the University Minor Development Studies (Rethinking Global-Inequality: People, Poverty and Power). Since 2018 he has been an academic researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University in The Hague. He holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science, a Masters degree in Political Science (Politics and development) from University of Stockholm respectively and a PhD in Humanities (International Development) from Tilburg University. His research examines the contribution of transnational practices of diaspora organizations to development in the countries of destination and origin (‘here and there’) (at the local and national government levels). At ISS, he was involved in the Diaspora politics research within the research project- ‘Transnational political engagement of African Diaspora communities’ which examines how Diaspora communities have (self-) organised transnationally between various countries of residence to influence local policies. The project was linked to other research groups namely: Vital cities and citizenship; Civic Innovation Research Initiative (CIRI), Governance, Law and Social Justice. He is also an associate researcher with Globalization, Accessibility, Innovation and Care (GAIC) at the School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD) Tilburg University

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