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A. (Argyris) Nipyrakis, MSc

A. (Argyris) Nipyrakis, MSc

This PhD project aims to study teachers’ views and design practices on STEM Integration, as well as the effect of collaboration on their STEM Integration views and design practices. In combination with correlated study implemented in the University of Crete about in-service STEM teacher professional development on Integrated STEM teaching, this project focuses on pre-service STEM teacher training in Integrated STEM teaching. In specific, pre-service primary/secondary teachers work collaboratively with peers and experts through a Learning Community framework in order to design, develop and experience STEM teaching material (e.g. physical/digital artefacts and/or experiments, along with related STEM lesson plans) in both curriculum topics and cutting-edge STEM topics such as Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. Additional emphasis is given to the way that they integrate Technology as well as the use of Technology that they implement. Data collection includes audio transcripts, the developed STEM teaching materials as well as reflection interviews about STEM Integration and collaboration. Due to the explorative nature of the study, qualitative content analysis methods are been applied. Upcoming findings aim to provide insights about S-T-E-M teachers’ views and design practices on STEM Integration as well as how they evolve through a collaborative learning environment.        

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