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How to find us dr. A.M.L. (Anna) Van Cauwenberge

dr. A.M.L. Van Cauwenberge

Assistant Professor
dr. A.M.L. Van Cauwenberge

NWO Creative Industry Program (2018-2019):

Growing up with media: Digital and media literacy among children

Prof. Marcel Broersma (principal investigator), dr. Anna Van Cauwenberge (co-investigator)

Media play an increasingly central role in the lives of children. Childcare providers, schools, and parents wonder what the consequences are and struggle with the question of how to deal with smartphones, social media, and gaming. Companies from the creative industry need knowledge that helps them to respond to this development in a responsible manner.

This project investigates the individual, social, and technological factors that determine how children develop digital literacy and media literacy. By taking the experience of the child as a starting point, this project offers a new perspective that provides insight into how children themselves build up an understanding of digital media and how they give meaning to the world around them.

This research project collaborates with the SKSG, the largest after-school day care organization in the province of Groningen (The Netherlands) to study how children acquire digital skills and develop media literacies, and advice parents and educators how to support the development of these competences in children. The research project is supported by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) Creative Industry program.

NWO Creative Industry Program (2013-2018):

The New News Consumer

Prof. Irene Costera Meijer and prof. Marcel Broersma (principal investigators)

This research project collaborates with 12 prominent Dutch news organizations to study how digitalization enables and inhibits new habits and patterns of news consumption, and advice how news organisations can optimally cater to changing practices and preferences. The research project is supported by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) Creative Industry program. More information can be found on the project website:

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