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A Paleo-Arabic inscription on a route north of Ṭāʾif

Connecting the Lines between Old (Epigraphic) Arabic and the Modern Vernaculars

New Safaitic and Greek Inscriptions from the Jordanian Ḥarrah Relating to Auxiliary Roman Military Units

Old Arabic Minutiae I: ḥattā, laysa, and more from the inscriptions of the Syro-Jordanian Ḥarrah

On the origins of the god Ruḍaw and some remarks on the pre-Islamic North Arabian pantheon

The History of the am-Definite Article – South Arabian or Arabic?

The ‘One’ God in a Safaitic Inscription

The particle ʿkdy in the Namārah inscription and a new interpretation of line 4

ʿArab, ʾAʿrāb, and Arabic in Ancient North Arabia: The first attestation of (ʾ)ʿrb as a group name in Safaitic

Notes on the language of the Hismaic Inscriptions and a re-reading of Line 1 of the Madaba Hismaic Inscription

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