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Characterization of superconducting NbTiN films using a dispersive Fourier transform spectrometer

Thz range low-noise sis receivers for space and ground-based radio astronomy

APEX-SEPIA660 Early Science: gas at densities above 107 cm-3 towards OMC-1

Single-Layer Dichroic Filters for Multifrequency Receivers at THz Frequencies

Superconducting Receivers for Space, Balloon, and Ground-Based Sub-Terahertz Radio Telescopes

The Influence of LO Power Heating of the Tunnel Junction on the Performance of THz SIS Mixers

Design and Performance of a Sideband Separating SIS Mixer for 800-950 GHz

High-Performance Smooth-Walled Horn Antennas for THz Frequency Range: Design and Evaluation

Low-Noise Sis Receivers for New Radio-Astronomy Projects

Orion-KL Observations with the Extended Tuning Range of the New SEPIA660 APEX Facility Instrument

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