drs. A. (Ineke) Keizer-Gunnink

Research Assistant

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a.keizer-gunnink rug.nl


  1. Data from: A Worldwide Competition to Compare the Speed and Chemotactic Accuracy of Neutrophil-Like Cells

    Skoge, M. (Creator), Wong, E. (Creator), Hamza, B. (Creator), Bae, A. (Creator), Martel, J. (Creator), Kataria, R. (Creator), Keizer - Gunnink, I. (Creator), Kortholt, A. (Creator), Haastert, van, P. (Creator), Charras, G. (Creator), Janetopoulos, C. (Creator) & Irimia, D. (Creator), University of Groningen, 24-Mar-2016


ID: 78470