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Electrical and Thermal Generation of Spin Currents by Magnetic Graphene

Charge-to-Spin Conversion by the Rashba-Edelstein Effect in Two-Dimensional van der Waals Heterostructures up to Room Temperature

Bias dependent spin injection into graphene on YIG through bilayer hBN tunnel barriers

Carrier Drift Control of Spin Currents in Graphene-Based Spin-Current Demultiplexers

Electronic properties of germanane field-effect transistors

Large Proximity-Induced Spin Lifetime Anisotropy in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide/Graphene Heterostructures

Proximity induced room temperature ferromagnetism in graphene probed with spin currents

Spin relaxation 1/f noise in graphene

Hanle precession in the presence of energy-dependent coupling between localized states and an epitaxial graphene spin channel

Electron transport nonlocality in monolayer graphene modified with hydrogen silsesquioxane polymerization

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