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New developments in RiPP discovery, enzymology and engineering

The Bacillus subtilis Minimal Genome Compendium

Unchaining miniBacillus PG10: Relief of FlgM-mediated repression of autolysin genes

Visualization and Analysis of the Dynamic Assembly of a Heterologous Lantibiotic Biosynthesis Complex in Bacillus subtilis

MiniBacillus PG10 as a Convenient and Effective Production Host for Lantibiotics

Subcellular Localization and Assembly Process of the Nisin Biosynthesis Machinery in Lactococcus lactis

BAGEL4: a user-friendly web server to thoroughly mine RiPPs and bacteriocins

Specificity and Application of the Lantibiotic Protease NisP

Cell surface engineering of Bacillus subtilis improves production yields of heterologously expressed α-amylases

Employing the promiscuity of lantibiotic biosynthetic machineries to produce novel antimicrobials

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Spin-off RUG ontwikkelt nieuwe antibiotica tegen resistente bacteriën

Spin-off om nieuwe antibiotica tegen resistente bacteriën te ontwikkelen

Nieuwe, krachtige antimicrobiële verbinding ontdekt in bacterie uit oliebron

Novel potent antimicrobial from thermophilic bacterium

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