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Arthrocentesis versus non-surgical intervention as initial treatment for temporomandibular joint arthralgia: a randomized controlled trial with long-term follow-up

Mechanical Fractionation of Adipose Tissue: A Scoping Review of Procedures to Obtain Stromal Vascular Fraction

Volumetric Effect and Patient Satisfaction after Facial Fat Grafting

Effect of Age on Satisfaction with Facial Appearance in Women Based on the FACE-Q Questionnaire in a Dutch Normative Population

The Addition of Tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction to Platelet-Rich Plasma Supplemented Lipofilling Does Not Improve Facial Skin Quality: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial

Facial fat grafting: Technique and Outcomes

The Difference between Stromal Vascular Fraction Isolation and Fat Emulsification: A Crucial Role for Centrifugation

Three-dimensional facial volume analysis using algorithm-based personalized aesthetic templates

Enhancement of Progenitor Cells by Two-Step Centrifugation of Emulsified Lipoaspirates

Volumetric Effect of Pregnancy on a Unilateral Facial Fat Graft

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