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Allergen immunotherapy for allergic airway diseases: Use lessons from the past to design a brighter future

Neutrophilic Asthma Is Associated With Smoking, High Numbers of IRF5+, and Low Numbers of IL10+ Macrophages

1,25(OH)2VitD3 supplementation enhances suppression of grass pollen-induced allergic asthma by subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy in a mouse model

Differential DNA methylation in bronchial biopsies between persistent asthma and asthma in remission

High dose vitamin D3 empowers effects of subcutaneous immunotherapy in a grass pollen-driven mouse model of asthma

MicroRNA profiling in bronchial biopsies of asthma patients

A cellular census of healthy lung and asthmatic airway wall identifies novel cell states in health and disease

Mitochondrial dysfunction increases pro-inflammatory cytokine production and impairs repair and corticosteroid responsiveness in lung epithelium

Characterization of a lung epithelium specific E-cadherin knock-out model: Implications for obstructive lung pathology

Subcutaneous immunotherapy suppresses Th2 inflammation and induces neutralizing antibodies, but sublingual immunotherapy suppresses airway hyperresponsiveness in grass pollen mouse models for allergic asthma

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