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A.J.K. van der Laan, MA

PhD student
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Vrije Competitie NWO, Cities of Readers. Religious Literacies in the Long Fifteenth Century (2015-2019)

The research project aims to supply a new phase in the scholarly exploration of the "long fifteenth century" (1400-1550), a period characterized by great cultural, political and religious changes: a stronger urbanization, the development of religious observance movements, a growing social mobility accompanied by a rising literacy and an increasing book production. This pivotal period in Dutch and European history will be approached through the study of the participation of lay people in the production and the transmission of religious knowledge by engaging in textual and performative activities. The project will innovatively approach religious knowledge in terms of dynamics, exchanges and negotiations and will consider both individuals and groups ("communities of interpretation", i.e. formal and informal textual communities sharing texts and knowledge) as objects of research.

The research team will consist of two project leaders (Sabrina Corbellini and Bart Ramakers), a postdoc (Margriet Hoogvliet) and two PhD candidates (Johanneke Uphoff and Joanka van der Laan).

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Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands