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A multi-ancestry genome-wide study incorporating gene-smoking interactions identifies multiple new loci for pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure

Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over 1 million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences

Genome-wide association meta-analyses and fine-mapping elucidate pathways influencing albuminuria

Genome-wide association meta-analysis of 30,000 samples identifies seven novel loci for quantitative ECG traits

Serie: Communicatie in de tandartspraktijk. Omgaan met angst in de tandartspraktijk

Correction: Genome-wide physical activity interactions in adiposity - A meta-analysis of 200,452 adults

Exome-wide association study of plasma lipids in >300,000 individuals

New Blood Pressure-Associated Loci Identified in Meta-Analyses of 475 000 Individuals

Novel Blood Pressure Locus and Gene Discovery Using Genome-Wide Association Study and Expression Data Sets From Blood and the Kidney

Novel genetic loci associated with hippocampal volume

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