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Reversibly photo-modulating mechanical stiffness and toughness of bioengineered protein fibers

De novo rational design of a freestanding, supercharged polypeptide, proton-conducting membrane

Engineered Near-Infrared Fluorescent Protein Assemblies for Robust Bioimaging and Therapeutic Applications

Modular and Versatile Trans-Encoded Genetic Switches

Next Generation Salivary Lubrication Enhancer Derived from Recombinant Supercharged Polypeptides for Xerostomia

ColiCoords: A Python package for the analysis of bacterial fluorescence microscopy data

DNA Nanotechnology Enters Cell Membranes

Electrostatically PEGylated DNA enables salt-free hybridization in water

On the impact of competing intra- and intermolecular triplet-state quenching on photobleaching and photoswitching kinetics of organic fluorophores

An Optimized Sensor Array Identifies All Natural Amino Acids

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‘We moeten toe naar een productie van grammen’ Er garen bij spinnen