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ir. A. Greco, MSc

PhD Researcher
ir. A. Greco, MSc

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Social Housing: 

Decent housing, at an affordable price in a safe environment, is a fundamental need and right that can alleviate poverty and social exclusion. Meeting this need through social housing is, in many countries, the role of the housing association industry. In the Netherlands, for example, 75% of rented houses belong to housing associations, amounting to over one third of the total residential stock. The built environment has a broad spectrum of impacts on our sustainable development: it contributes to air pollution, land use and contamination, together with fossil fuel, water and materials depletion and severe greenhouse gas emission. Responsible urbanization practices on micro and macro levels are therefore considered key to mitigate the negative effects on climate change and environment. In this context, housing associations are put under pressure to display sustainable entrepreneurial behavior, originally outside of their corporate, primarily social, goals. Hence, a new hybrid type of organization can be identified: sustainable housing associations. Today, little is known about the strategy, behavior and performance of sustainable housing associations. This research aims to fill these gaps. 

As nonprofit organizations, housing corporations show eagerness to implement new environmentally-friendly solutions to their building stock as long as such interventions do not conflict with their social sustainability purpose. High-costs of interventions (which might reflect in excessive rental prices increase) or discomfort during the building renovation process are examples of possible negative impacts of environmental interventions (externalities) that housing associations want and need to prevent. How can housing corporations integrate new environmental standards while simultaneously assuring a net positive social impact for their communities?

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