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prof. dr. A.G.J. (Anita) Buma

Professor and Department head.


Chair: Ecophysiology of marine microalgae. Key words: marine phytoplankton, marine carbon cycle, marine polar ecology, global change, harmful algal blooms, (micro)algal applications. I am interested in all factors that control the growth and diversity of marine phytoplankton. In practice I am involved in projects that deal with climate change and (Ant)Arctic algal productivity and diversity, harmful algal blooms and algal applications. We execute experimental work in the lab, based on our extensive culture collection. Furthermore, we participate in field campaigns, for example to the open Atlantic, both polar regions, or Indonesia. For information on current projects click Projects in the menu on the left. For updates on our work check or Like us on Facebook ( Note that due to my upcoming retirement I do not accept new PhD students. 

Other positions

. Member Daily Board ESRIG (RuG)
. Member Examination committee Biology and Life Science and Technology (secretary)(RuG)
. Member Marine Working Group International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
. Associate editor Journal of Sea Research
. Member ESRIG PhD committee
. Member Curriculum Committee Marine Biology Master
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