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CDC6: A novel canine tumour biomarker detected in circulating extracellular vesicles

Inhibition of polyploidization in Pten-deficient livers reduces steatosis

Limited Efficacy of Adipose Stromal Cell Secretome-Loaded Skin-Derived Hydrogels to Augment Skin Flap Regeneration in Rats

Loss of hepatic SMLR1 causes hepatosteatosis and protects against atherosclerosis due to decreased hepatic VLDL secretion

Oncogenic RAS sensitizes cells to drug-induced replication stress via transcriptional silencing of P53

T cell cholesterol efflux suppresses apoptosis and senescence and increases atherosclerosis in middle aged mice

Ablation of liver Fxr results in an increased colonic mucus barrier in mice

Acute systemic loss of Mad2 leads to intestinal atrophy in adult mice

Adding Help to an HLA-A*24:02 Tumor-Reactive γδTCR Increases Tumor Control

Atypical E2Fs either Counteract or Cooperate with RB during Tumorigenesis Depending on Tissue Context

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