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Detecting free radicals in single cells using diamond relaxometry

Diamond-Based Nanoscale Quantum Relaxometry for Sensing Free Radical Production in Cells

Functionalized Fluorescent Nanodiamonds for Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Quantum Sensing in HeLa Cells

Insight into a Fenton-like Reaction Using Nanodiamond Based Relaxometry

Intracellular Quantum Sensing of Free-Radical Generation Induced by Acetaminophen (APAP) in the Cytosol, in Mitochondria and the Nucleus of Macrophages

Quantum Sensing of Free Radicals in Primary Human Dendritic Cells

Relaxometry for detecting free radical generation during Bacteria's response to antibiotics

Quantum monitoring of cellular metabolic activities in single mitochondria

Nanodiamond Relaxometry-Based Detection of Free-Radical Species When Produced in Chemical Reactions in Biologically Relevant Conditions

Quantum monitoring the metabolism of individual yeast mutant strain cells when aged, stressed or treated with antioxidant

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