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Practical matters How to find us A.B. (Aldine) Aaten, MSc

Research interests

My doctoral research project aims to gain insight in the characteristics of mathematical reasoning by undergraduate mathematics students and to find ways to improve their mathematical reasoning.

The following questions are investigated:

1. How do undergraduate mathematics students reason mathematically when solving integration tasks?

2. How does undergraduate mathematics students’ mathematical reasoning evolve during the bachelor mathematics?

3. How can undergraduate mathematics students’ mathematical reasoning be enhanced?

Interventions have been implemented in the bachelor mathematics of two universities: KU Leuven and University of Groningen. Data is collected by investigating students' mathematical reasoning in these two universities before, during and after the intervention, through task-based think-aloud interviews, and observations. As such, the research is primarily qualitative.



Evolution of undergraduate students' mathematical reasoning

Undergraduates' reasoning while solving integration tasks: discussion of a research framework

A case study on undergraduate students’ focus when solving integration tasks: the role of relating task properties and possible approaches