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Airflow resistance of heat and moisture exchange filters with and without a tracheostoma valve

In vivo measurements of an improved tracheostoma valve based on inhalation

Airflow resistance of airflow-regulating devices described by independent coefficients

A novel tracheal tissue connector for fixation of laryngeal prostheses

Tracheostoma valve with integrated cough lid for improvement of hands-free speech in laryngectomees - Development and clinical use

Numerical simulation of the influence of a left ventricular assist device on the cardiovascular system

Tracheostoma valves and their fixation: towards an artificial larynx

Biocompatibility of a novel tissue connector for fixation of tracheostoma valves and shunt valves

Design and test of a new tracheostoma valve based on inhalation

Numerical simulation of the pulsating catheter pump: A left ventricular assist device

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