dr. A.A. (Agna) Bartels-Velthuis

Senior researcher/psychologist

dr. A.A. (Agna) Bartels-Velthuis
a.a.bartels umcg.nl


  1. 2020
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  4. 2019
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  6. 2018
  7. Steenhuis, L., Pijnenborg, G. M., van der Stouwe, E., Hartman, C., Aleman, A., Velthuis, A., & Nauta, M. (2018). The longitudinal association between preadolescent facial emotion identification and family factors, and psychotic experiences in adolescence: (The TRAILS study). Poster session presented at Annual Convention of the ABCT (American Association Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies), Washington D.C., United States.
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  9. 2017
  10. 2016
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