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Examples of a few interdisciplinary research projects in which we’re involved:

  • The Industrial Digital Twin project, led by UG professor Bayu Jayawadhana (FSE) , develops methods to make accurate digital twins of high-tech systems. The twins are virtual software versions of the systems, that allow our researchers to run simulations to predict how changes in the design affect performance, how control can be improved, or which part on which needs maintenance at the moment. Digital twins are still mostly based on static theoretical models that assume normal behavior. By linking these models to measurement data that indicate how the system actually functions and combining this data with artificial intelligence, the researchers make digital copies that continuously improve and adapt themselves. The research focuses on a number of exemplary systems provided by the Dutch high-tech companies involved in the program.
  • ELSA labs (Ethical, Legal, and Societal Aspects), developed by the Dutch AI Coalition and the Dutch Research Council (NWO). In ELSA labs, researchers from knowledge institutions and public and private organizations will contribute to knowledge about the development and application of reliable, human-centred artificial intelligence. The ELSA labs aim at promoting healthy living, working, and ageing: ‘Human-centered AI for an inclusive society’.
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