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Sustainable Landscapes Fellows

The Sustainable Landscape Research Group of the University of Groningen has a core team and consists of a group of female and male fellows. A Sustainable Landscapes fellow is a researcher who relates and wants to contribute to the mission to give the landscape scale a central place in the search for sustainable development. Meet our fellows below!

Frans Sijtsma

Name: Frans Sijtsma
Field of expertise: Economic geography, value of nature and landscape
Faculty: FSS
Email: f.j.sijtsma
Personal website:

Anne Wolff

Name: Anne Wolff
Field of expertise: Cultural landscapes
Faculty: Arts
Email: a.j.wolff

Personal website:

Raymond Klaassen

Name: Raymond Klaassen
Field of expertise: Ecology and birds
Faculty: FSE
Email: raymond.klaassen

Theo Spek

Name: Theo Spek
Field of expertise: Cultural landscapes
Faculty: Arts
Email: theo.spek

Personal website:

Erik Meijles

Name: Erik Meijles
Field of expertise: Social & physical geography and GIS
Faculty: FSS
Email: e.w.meijles

Personal website:

Dimitris Ballas

Name: Dimitris Ballas
Fielf of expertise: Regional economics and well-being
Faculty: FSS
Email: d.ballas

Personal website:

Jouke van Dijk

Name: Jouke van Dijk
Field of expertise: Regional labour markets and Wadden area
Faculty: FSS
Email: jouke.van.dijk

Michiel Daams

Name: Michiel Daams
Field of expertise: Real estate and land use
Faculty: FSS
Email: m.n.daams

Personal website:

Peter Druijven

Name: Peter Druijven
Field of expertise: Cultural geography
Faculty: FSS
Email: peterdruijven

Personal website:

Christina Prell

Name: Christina Prell
Field of expertise: Social network analysis
Faculty: FSS
Email: c.l.prell

Personal website:

Tialda Haartsen

Name: Tialda Haartsen
Field of expertise: Liveability, rural areas
Faculty: FSS
Email: t.haartsen

Personal website:

Koen Salemink

Name: Koen Salemink
Field of expertise: Community engagement, rural areas
Faculty: FSS
Email: k.salemink

Personal website:

Margo van den Brink

Name: Margo van den Brink
Field of expertise: Watermanagement and planning
Faculty: FSS
Email: m.a.van.den.brink

Personal website:

Taede Tillema

Name: Taede Tillema
Field of expertise: Sustainable infrastructure planning
Faculty: FSS
Email: t.tillema

Personal website:

Ina Horlings

Name: Ina Horlings
Field of expertise: Socio-spatial planning; place-based landscape governance, sustainable practices and subjective perceptions/sense of place
Faculty: FSS
Email: l.g.horlings

Personal website:

Annet Kempenaar

Name: Annet Kempenaar
Field of expertise: Landscape architecture
Faculty: FSS
Email: j.kempenaar

Personal website:

Terry van Dijk

Name: Terry van Dijk
Field of expertise: Planning and design
Faculty: FSS
Email: t.van.dijk

Personal website:

Chris Zuidema

Name: Chris Zuidema
Field of expertise: Sustainable energy and planning
Faculty: FSS
Email: c.zuidema

Personal website:

Daniella Vos

Name: Daniella Vos
Field of expertise: Physical geography
Faculty: FSS
Email: d.vos

Personal website:

Wander Jager

Name: Wander Jager
Field of expertise: Agent-based modelling, socio-ecological systems
Faculty: UC
Email: w.jager

Personal website:

Gunnar Wallon

Name: Gunnar Wallon
Field of expertise: Wetland (palaeo)ecology, hydrochemistry, water footprinting, climate science
Faculty: FSS
Email: g.mallon

Personal website:

Klaus Hubacek

Name: Klaus Hubacek
Field of expertise: Ecological economics
Faculty: FSE
Email: k.hubacek

Personal website:

Theunis Piersma

Name: Theunis Piersma
Field of expertise: Global flyway ecology
Faculty: FSE
Email: t.piersma

Personal website:

Joram Tarusarira

Name: Joram Tarusarira
Field of expertise: Land and religion and indigenous knowledge systems
Faculty: Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Email: j.tarusarira

Personal website:

Mans Schepers

Name: Mans Schepers
Field of expertise: Archeology, ecology and art in the landscape
Faculty: Arts
Email: mans.schepers

Personal website:

Kristin McGee

Name: Kristin McGee
Field of expertise: Music, media, trees and the environment
Faculty: Arts
Email: k.a.mcgee

Personal website:

Susanne Täuber

Name: Susanne Täuber
Field of expertise: Moral motivation, social identity and intergroup behavior, organizational change
Faculty: FEB

Christiaan Both

Name: Christiaan Both
Field of expertise: Bird migration, evolutionary ecology, climate change, population ecology
Faculty: FSE
Email: c.both

Personal website:

Chris Smit

Name: Chris Smit
Field of expertise: Experimental conservation ecology, community ecology, return of the wolf
Faculty: FSE
Email: c.smit

Personal website:

Han Olff

Name: Han Olff
Field of expertise: Community and conservation ecology, nature conservation
Faculty: FSE
Email: h.olff

Personal website:

Tjisse van der Heide

Name: Tjisse van der Heide
Field of expertise: Coastal ecology, ecosystem engineers
Faculty: FSE/NIOZ
Email: t.van.der.heide

Personal website:

Laura Govers

Name: Laura Govers
Field of expertise: Marine conservation ecology, Wadden, biogeochemistry, seagrass ecology
Faculty: FSE
Email: l.l.govers

Personal website:

Theo Elzinga

Name: Theo Elzenga
Field of expertise: Ecophysiology of plants, Transport processes in plants, CO2 utilization
Faculty: FSE
Email: j.t.m.elzenga

Personal website:

Joanna Falcao Salles

Name: Joanna Falcao Salles
Field of expertise: Microbial Community Ecology
Faculty: FSE
Email: j.falcao.salles

Personal website:

Bert Scholtens

Name: Bert Scholtens
Field of expertise: Socially responsible investing, financial systems, environmental economics
Faculty: FEB
Email: l.j.r.scholtens

Personal website:

Bart Los

Name: Bart Los
Field of expertise: Global value chains, regional economics
Faculty: FEB
Email: b.los

Personal website:

Harry Garretsen

Name: Harry Garretsen
Field of expertise: International economics & business, economics and geography
Faculty: FEB
Email: j.h.garretsen

Personal website:

Henny van der Windt

Name: Henny van der Windt
Field of expertise: Nature policy, environmental sciences humanities, multidisciplinary social sciences
Faculty: FSE
Email: h.j.van.der.windt

Personal website:

Jorien Zevenberg

Name: Jorien Zevenberg
Field of expertise: Nature policy, national parks
Faculty: FSE
Email: j.zevenberg

Personal website:

Sean Desjardins

Name: Sean Desjardins
Field of expertise: Arctic and Antarctic studies, environmental and ethnoarchaeology, indigenous food security
Faculty: Arts
Email: s.p.a.desjardins

Personal website:

Christiaan Lamker

Name: Christian Lamker
Field of expertise: Sustainable transformations and regional planning
Faculty: FSS
Email: c.w.lamker

Personal website:

Pablo Tittonell

Name: Pablo Tittonell
Field of expertise: Landscape resilience, farming systems ecology
Faculty: FSE
Email: p.a.tittonell

Personal website:

Anne Beaulieu

Name: Anne Beaulieu
Field of expertise: Knowledge systems and data infrastructures for sustainability; innovation.
Faculty: Campus Fryslân
Email: j.a.beaulieu
Personal website:

Martijn van der Heide

Name: Martijn van der Heide
Field of expertise: Nature inclusive rural development
Faculty: FSS
Email: c.m.van.der.heide
Personal website:

Caspar van den Berg

Name: Caspar van den Berg
Field of expertise: Global and Local Governance
Faculty: Campus Fryslan
Email: c.f.van.den.berg
Personal website:

Gover Schoof

Name: Govert Schoof
Field of expertise: Geodienst
Faculty: Center for Information Technology
Email: g.schoof
Personal website:

Johan Woltjer

Name: Johan Woltjer
Field of expertise: Urban Development and Planning
Faculty: Spatial Sciences
Email: j.woltjer
Personal website:

Hanneke Ronnes

Name: Hanneke Ronnes
Field of expertise: Landed estates and country houses
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
E-mail: h.ronnes

Hacen El-Hacen

Name: Hacen El-Hacen
Field of expertise: Global Flyways, Intertidal ecology, Spatial patterns and ecosystem engineers
Faculty: FSE
Email: e.h.m.el.hacen
Personal website:

Agnes van den Berg

Name: Agnes van den Berg
Field of expertise: Health and nature
Faculty: FSS
E-mail: a.e.van.den.berg

John Hoeks

Name: John Hoeks
Field of expertise: Persuasive communication
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
E-mail: j.c.j.hoeks
Personal website:

Sanderine Nonhebel

Name: Sanderine Nonhebel
Field of expertise: Water-Energy-Food nexus
Faculty: FSE
E-mail: s.nonhebel
Personal website:

Edwin Alblas

Name: Edwin Alblas
Expertise: (Europees) milieurecht, landbouwbeleid, rechtssociologie
E-mail: e.c.alblas

Prof R.F. Peletier

Name: Prof. R.F. (Reynier) Peletier
Field of expertise: Nearby Galaxies: structure, stellar populations, kinematics; Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Galaxy Evolution in Clusters
Faculty: FSE
E-mail: r.f.peletier
Personal website:

Koosje Lamers

Name: Koosje Lamers
Field of expertise: behavioural ecologist and ornithologist
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Enginering
Personal website:

Tymon de Haas

Name: Tymon de Haas
Expertise: landschapsarcheologie en GIS
Faculty:  Arts

Canan Çakırlar

Name: Canan Çakırlar
Expertise: Anthropocene, historical ecology, zooarchaeology
Faculty: Arts
Profilepage: cakirlar

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Name: Kees van Veen
Field of expertise: 'Strategic Advisor to Agricola, Former scientific director, on sabbatical leave. Specialisaties: Corporate governance, SDG 12 on Food, Sustainability Education.
Faculty: Faculty of Behouvioural and Social sciences
Email: k.van.veen
Personal website:

Per Angelstam

Name: Per Angelstam
University: Swedish Agricultural University (SLU)
Country: Sweden
Email: per.angelstam

Google scholar page:

Thanasis Kizos

Name: Thanasis Kizos
University: University of the Aegean
Country: Greece
Email: akizos

Google scholar page:

Mariia Fedoriak

Name: Mariia Fedoriak
Field of expertise: Socioecological systems, landscape gradients, social capital, beekeeping in various landscapes
Faculty: Chernivtsi National University (Ukraine)
Email: m.m.fedoriak
Personal website: ua/profile/user/98

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