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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2011

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  1. Carroll, G.T., London, G., Landaluce, T.F., Rudolf, P. & Feringa, B.L. Adhesion of photon-driven molecular motors to surfaces via 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions: Effect of interfacial interactions on molecular motion. Acs Nano 5 (1) 622-630 (2011)

  2. Ivashenko, O., Logtenberg, H., Areephong, J., Coleman, A.C., Wesenhagen, P.V., Geertsema, E.M., Heureux, N., Feringa, B.L., Rudolf, P. & Browne, W.R. Remarkable stability of high energy conformers in self-assembled monolayers of a bistable electro- and photoswitchable overcrowded alkene. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (46) 22965-22975 (2011)

  3. Kazaryan, A., Kistemaker, J.C.M., Schafer, L.V., Browne, W.R., Feringa, B. & Filatov, M. Understanding the dynamics behind the photoisomerization of light-driven fluorene molecular rotary motor. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 5058-5067 (2011)

  4. Kwak, M., Gao, J., Prusty, D.K., Musser, A.J., Markov, V.A., Tombros, N., Stuart, M.C.A., Browne, W.R., Boekema, E.J., Ten Brinke, G., Jonkman, H.T., van Wees, B.J., Loi, M.A. & Herrmann, A. DNA block copolymer doing it all: From selection to self-assembly of semiconducting carbon nanotubes. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50 (14) 3206-3210 (2011)

  5. Ruangsupapichat, N., Pollard, M.M., Harutyunyan, S.R. & Feringa, B. A reversible light-driven molecular motor. Nature Chemistry 3 53-60 (2011)

  6. Ruangsupapichat, N., Pollard, M.M., Harutyunyan, S.R. & Feringa, B.L. Reversing the direction in a light-driven rotary molecular motor. Nature Chemistry 3 (1) 53-60 (2011)

  7. Staykov, A., Areephong, J., Browne, W.R., Feringa, B. & Yoshizawa, K. Electrochemical and photochemical cyclization and cycloreversion of diarylethenes and diarylethene-capped sexithiophene wires. Acs Nano 5 (2) 1165-1178 (2011)

  8. Teichert, J.F. & Feringa, B.L. Catalytic asymmetric conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to coumarins-synthesis of versatile chiral building blocks. Chemical Communications 47 (9) 2679-2681 (2011)

  9. Teichert, J.F., Fananas-Mastral, M. & Feringa, B.L. Iridium-catalyzed asymmetric intramolecular allylic amidation: Enantioselective synthesis of chiral tetrahydroisoquinolines and saturated nitrogen heterocycles. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50 (3) 688-691 (2011)

  10. van Leeuwen, T., Pijper, T.C., Areephong, J., Feringa, B.L., Browne, W.R. & Katsonis, N. Reversible photochemical control of cholesteric liquid crystals with a diamine- based diarylethene chiroptical switch. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (9) 3142-3146 (2011)

  11. Verkuijl, B.J.V., de Vries, J.G. & Feringa, B.L. 3,3 '-Diaryl-BINOL phosphoric acids as enantioselective extractants of benzylic primary amines. Chirality 23 (1) 34-43 (2011)

  12. Zhang, X.Y., Hou, L.L., Cnossen, A., Coleman, A.C., Ivashenko, O., Rudolf, P., van Wees, B.J., Browne, W.R. & Feringa, B.L. One-pot functionalization of graphene with porphyrin through cycloaddition reactions. Chemistry-A European Journal 17 (32) 8957-8964 (2011)

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