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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2011

Physics of Organic Semiconductors
  1. Akkerman, H.B., Kronemeijer, A.J., Harkema, J., van Hal, P.A., Smits, E.C.P., de Leeuw, D.M. & Blom, P.W.M. Stability of large-area molecular junctions. Organic Electronics 11 146-149 (2011)

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  4. Asadi, K., Li, M.Y., Blom, P.W.M., Kemerink, M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Organic ferroelectric opto-electronic memories. Materials Today 14 (12) 592-599 (2011)

  5. Asadi, K., de Bruyn, P., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Origin of the efficiency enhancement in ferroelectric functionalized organic solar cells. Applied Physics Letters 98 (18) (2011)

  6. Asadi, K., Wondergem, H.J., Moghaddam, R.S., McNeill, C.R., Stingelin, N., Noheda, B., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Spinodal decomposition of blends of semiconducting and ferroelectric polymers. Advanced Functional Materials 21 (10) 1887-1894 (2011)

  7. Asadi, K., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. The MEMOLED: Active addressing with passive driving. Advanced Materials 23 (7) 865-+ (2011)

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  11. Flesch, H.G., Mathijssen, S.G.J., Gholamrezaie, F., Moser, A., Neuhold, A., Novak, J., Ponomarenko, S.A., Shen, Q., Teichert, C., Hlawacek, G., Puschnig, P., Ambrosch-Draxl, C., Resel, R. & de Leeuw, D.M. Microstructure and phase behavior of a quinquethiophene-based self-assembled monolayer as a function of temperature. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (46) 22925-22930 (2011)

  12. Galagan, Y., Rubingh, J.E.J.M., Andriessen, R., Fan, C.C., Blom, P.W.M., Veenstra, S.C. & Kroon, J.M. ITO-free flexible organic solar cells with printed current collecting grids. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (5) 1339-1343 (2011)

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  15. Gholamrezaie, F., Asadi, K., Kicken, R.A.H.J., Langeveld-Voss, B.M.W., de Leeuw, D.M. & Blom, P.W.M. Controlling charge injection by self-assembled monolayers in bottom-gate and top-gate organic field-effect transistors. Synthetic Metals 161 (21-22) 2226-2229 (2011)

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  17. Jarzab, D., Lu, M.T., Nicolai, H.T., Blom, P.W.M. & Loi, M.A. Photoluminescence of conjugated polymer blends at the nanoscale. Soft Matter 7 (5) 1702-1707 (2011)

  18. Katsouras, I., Geskin, V., Kronemeijer, A.J., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Binary self-assembled monolayers: Apparent exponential dependence of resistance on average molecular length. Organic Electronics 12 (5) 857-864 (2011)

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  22. Kotlarski, J.D. & Blom, P.W.M. Ultimate performance of polymer: fullerene bulk heterojunction tandem solar cells. Applied Physics Letters 98 (5) (2011)

  23. Kronemeijer, A.J., Katsouras, I., Huisman, E.H., van Hal, P.A., Geuns, T.C.T., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Universal scaling of the charge transport in large-area molecular junctions. Small 7 (11) 1593-1598 (2011)

  24. Kuik, M., Nicolai, H.T., Lenes, M., Wetzelaer, G.J.A.H., Lu, M.T. & Blom, P.W.M. Determination of the trap-assisted recombination strength in polymer light emitting diodes. Applied Physics Letters 98 (9) (2011)

  25. Kuik, M., Vandenbergh, J., Goris, L., Begemann, E.J., Lutsen, L., Vanderzande, D.J.M., Manca, J.V. & Blom, P.W.M. Optical detection of deep electron traps in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) light-emitting diodes. Applied Physics Letters 99 (18) (2011)

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