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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2010

Solid State Materials for Electronics
  1. Adem, U., Wang, L., Fausti, D., Schottenhamel, W., van Loosdrecht, P.H.M., Vasiliev, A., Bezmaternykh, L.N., Buchner, B., Hess, C. & Klingeler, R. Magnetodielectric and magnetoelastic coupling in TbFe3(BO3)(4). Physical Review B 82 (6) (2010)

  2. Coleman, A.C., Areephong, J., Vicario, J., Meetsma, A., Browne, W.R. & Feringa, B.L. In situ generation of wavelength-shifting donor-acceptor mixed-monolayer-modified surfaces. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 49 (37) 6580-6584 (2010)

  3. Crassous, A., Garcia, V., Bouzehouane, K., Fusil, S., Vlooswijk, A.H.G., Rispens, G., Noheda, B., Bibes, M. & Bartélémy, A. Giant tunnel electroresistance with PbTIO3 ferroelectric tunnen barriers. Applied Physics Letters 96 (4) art. 042901 (2010)

  4. Daumont, C.J.M., Farokhipoor, S., Ferri, A., Wojdel, J.C., Iniguez, J., Kooi, B.J. & Noheda, B. Tuning the atomic and domain structure of epitaxial films of multiferroic BiFeO3. Physical Review B 81 (14) art. 144115 (2010)

  5. Davitadze, S., Shnaidshtein, I., Fadeev, A., Strukov, B., Shulman, S., Noheda, B. & Vlooswijk, A.H.G. Evidence of substrate-induced ferroelectric phase transition in SrTiO3 by means of thermal measurements. Ferroelectrics 397 102-107 (2010)

  6. Gournis, D., Papachristodoulou, C., Maccallini, E., Rudolf, P., Karakassides, M.A., Karamanis, D.T., Sage, M.H., Palstra, T.T.M., Colomer, J.F., Papavasileiou, K.D., Melissas, V.S. & Gangas, N.H. A two-dimensional magnetic hybrid material based on intercalation of a cationic Prussian blue analog in montmorillonite nanoclay. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 348 (2) 393-401 (2010)

  7. Jarolimek, K., de Groot, R.A., de Wijs, G.A. & Zeman, M. Atomistic models of hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride from first principles. Physical Review B 82 (20) (2010)

  8. Jarolimek, K., de Wijs, G.A., de Groot, R.A. & Zeman, M. Structural models of a-Si:H with a low defect concentration: A first-principles molecular dynamics study. Physica Status Solidi A-Applications and Materials Science 207 (3) 605-608 (2010)

  9. Knijn, P.J., van Bentum, P.J.M., van Eck, E.R.H., Fang, C.M., Grimminck, D.L.A.G., de Groot, R.A., Havenith, R.W.A., Marsman, M., Meerts, W.L., de Wijs, G.A. & Kentgens, A.P.M. A solid-state NMR and DFT study of compositional modulations in AlxGa1-xAs. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (37) 11517-11535 (2010)

  10. Kuhlmann, J.C., de Bruyn, P., Bouwer, R.K.M., Meetsma, A., Blom, P.W.M. & Hummelen, J.C. Improving the compatibility of fullerene acceptors with fluorene-containing donor-polymers in organic photovoltaic devices. Chemical Communications 46 (38) 7232-7234 (2010)

  11. Kulago, A.A., Mes, E.M., Klok, M., Meetsma, A., Brouwer, A.M. & Feringa, B.L. Ultrafast light-driven nanomotors based on an acridane stator. Journal of Organic Chemistry 75 (3) 666-679 (2010)

  12. Langenberg, E., Rebled, J., Estrade, S., Daumont, C.J.M., Ventura, J., Coy, L.E., Polo, M.C., Garcia-Cuenca, M.V., Ferrater, C., Noheda, B., Peiro, F., Varela, M. & Fontcuberta, J. Long-range order of Ni2+ and Mn4+ and ferromagnetism in multiferroic (Bi0.9La0.1)(2)NiMnO6 thin films. Journal of Applied Physics 108 (12) (2010)

  13. Liu, G., Liang, X., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Synthesis and structure of an aminoethyl-functionalizedcyclopentadienyl vanadium(I) dinitrogen complex. Dalton Transactions 39 7891-7893 (2010)

  14. Missyul, A.B., Zvereva, I.A., Palstra, T.T.M. & Kurbakov, A.I. Double-layered Aurivillius-type ferroelectrics with magnetic moments. Materials Research Bulletin 45 (5) 546-550 (2010)

  15. Mufti, N., Nugroho, A.A., Blake, G.R. & Palstra, T.T.M. Magnetodielectric coupling in frustrated spin systems: the spinels MCr2O4 (M = Mn, Co and Ni). Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22 (7) art. 075902 (2010)

  16. Naber, W.J.M., Craciun, M.F., Lemmens, J.H.J., Arkenbout, A.H., Palstra, T.T.M., Morpurgo, A.F. & van der Wiel, W.G. Controlled tunnel-coupled ferromagnetic electrodes for spin injection in organic single-crystal transistors. Organic Electronics 11 (5) 743-747 (2010)

  17. Pijper, D., Saisaha, P., de Boer, J.W., Hoen, R., Smit, C., Meetsma, A., Hage, R., van Summeren, R.P., Alsters, P.L., Feringa, B. & Browne, W.R. The unexpected role of pyridine-2-carboxylic acid in manganese based oxidation catalysis with pyridin-2-yl based ligands. Dalton Transactions 39 (43) 10375-10381 (2010)

  18. Pijper, T.C., Pijper, D., Pollard, M.M., Dumur, F., Davey, S.G., Meetsma, A. & Feringa, B.L. An enantioselective synthetic route toward second-generation light-driven rotary molecular motors. Journal of Organic Chemistry 75 (3) 825-838 (2010)

  19. Rispens, G., Heuver, J.A. & Noheda, B. Fine tuning epitaxial strain in ferroelectrics: PbxSr1-xTiO3 on DyScO3. Applied Physics Letters 97 (26) 2901 (2010)

  20. Tchouka, H., Meetsma, A. & Browne, W.R. Spectroscopic and magnetic properties of a series of mu-cyano bridged bimetallic compounds of the type M-II-NC-Fe-III (M = Mn, Co, and Zn) using the building block [Fe-III(CN)(5)imidazole](2-). Inorganic Chemistry 49 (22) 10557-10570 (2010)

  21. Tido, E.W.Y., Faulmann, C., Roswanda, R., Meetsma, A. & van Koningsbruggen, P.J. Tuning of the charge in octahedral ferric complexes based on pyridoxal-N-substituted thiosemicarbazone ligands. Dalton Transactions 39 (6) 1643-1651 (2010)

  22. Vlooswijk, A.H.G., Catalan, G. & Noheda, B. Comment on "Nanometer resolution piezoresponse force microscopy to study deep submicron ferroelectric and ferroelastic domains. Applied Physics Letters 97 (4) 046101 (2010)

  23. Yemeli Tido, E.W., Faulmann, C., Roswanda, R., Meetsma, A. & van Koningsbruggen, P.J. Tuning of the charge in octahedral ferric complexes based on pyridoxal-N-substituted thiosemicarbazone ligands. Dalton Transactions 39 1643-5116 (2010)

  24. Yusupov, R.V., Mihailovic, D., Colin, C.V., Blake, G.R. & Palstra, T.T.M. Critical phenomena and femtosecond ordering dynamics associated with electronic and spin-ordered phases in YVO3 and GdVO3. Physical Review B 81 (7) art. 075103 (2010)

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