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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2009

Molecular Microbiology
  1. Albers, S.V., Birkeland, N.K., Driessen, A.J.M., Gertig, S., Haferkamp, P., Klenk, H.P., Kouril, T., Manica, A., Pham, T.K., Ruoff, P., Schleper, C., Schomburg, D., Sharkey, K.J., Siebers, B., Sierocinski, P., Steuer, R., van der Oost, J., Westerhoff, H.V., Wieloch, P., Wright, P.C. & Zaparty, M. SulfoSYS (Sulfolobus Systems Biology): towards a silicon cell model for the central carbohydrate metabolism of the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus under temperature variation. Biochemical Society Transactions 37 58-64 (2009)

  2. Borgese, N., Driessen, A.J.M., Rapaport, D. & Robinson, C. The quest for a better resolution of protein-translocation processes Conference on the Control, Co-ordination and Regulation of Protein Targeting and Translocation. Embo Reports 10 (4) 337-342 (2009)

  3. Dobrowolski, A. & Lolkema, J.S. Functional importance of GGXG sequence motifs in putative reentrant loops of 2HCT and ESS transport proteins. Biochemistry 48 (31) 7448-7456 (2009)

  4. du Plessis, D.J.F., Berrelkamp, G., Nouwen, N. & Driessen, A.J.M. The lateral gate of SecYEG opens during protein translocation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (23) 15805-15814 (2009)

  5. Ellen, A.F., Albers, S.V., Huibers, W., Pitcher, A., Hobel, C.F.V., Schwarz, H., Folea, M., Schouten, S., Boekema, E.J., Poolman, B. & Driessen, A.J.M. Proteomic analysis of secreted membrane vesicles of archaeal Sulfolobus species reveals the presence of endosome sorting complex components. Extremophiles 13 (1) 67-79 (2009)

  6. Kedrov, A., den Blaauwen, T. & Driessen, A.J.M. Thermodynamics of the protein translocation. Methods in Enzymology, Vol 466: Biothermodynamics, Pt B 466 273-291 (2009)

  7. Kol, S., Majczak, W., Heerlien, R., van der Berg, J.P., Nouwen, N. & Driessen, A.J.M. Subunit a of the F1F0 ATP synthase requires YidC and SecYEG for membrane insertion. Journal of Molecular Biology 390 (5) 893-901 (2009)

  8. Madoori, P.K., Agustiandari, H., Driessen, A.J.M. & Thunnissen, A.M.W.H. Structure of the transcriptional regulator LmrR and its mechanism of multidrug recognition. Embo Journal 28 (2) 156-166 (2009)

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  10. Nouwen, N., Berrelkamp, G. & Driessen, A.J.M. Charged amino acids in a preprotein inhibit SecA-dependent protein translocation. Journal of Molecular Biology 386 (4) 1000-1010 (2009)

  11. Peeters, E., Albers, S.V., Vassart, A., Driessen, A.J.M. & Charlier, D. Ss-LrpB, a transcriptional regulator from Sulfolobus solfataricus, regulates a gene cluster with a pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase-encoding operon and permease genes. Molecular Microbiology 71 (4) 972-988 (2009)

  12. Pereira, C.I., San Romao, M.V., Lolkema, J.S. & Crespo, M.T.B. Weissella halotolerans W22 combines arginine deiminase and ornithine decarboxylation pathways and converts arginine to putrescine. Journal of Applied Microbiology 107 (6) 1894-1902 (2009)

  13. Saller, M.J., Fusetti, F. & Driessen, A.J.M. Bacillus subtilis SpoIIIJ and YqjG function in membrane protein biogenesis. Journal of Bacteriology 191 (21) 6749-6757 (2009)

  14. Wagner, M., Berkner, S., Ajon, M., Driessen, A.J.M., Lipps, G. & Albers, S.V. Expanding and understanding the genetic toolbox of the hyperthermophilic genus Sulfolobus. Biochemical Society Transactions 37 97-101 (2009)

  15. Wortman, J.R., Gilsenan, J.M., Joardar, V., Deegan, J., Clutterbuck, J., Andersen, M.R., Archer, D., Bencina, M., Braus, G., Coutinho, P., von Dohren, H., Doonan, J., Driessen, A.J.M., Durek, P., Espeso, E., Fekete, E., Flipphi, M., Estrada, C.G., Geysens, S., Goldman, G., de Groot, P.W.J., Hansen, K., Harris, S.D., Heinekamp, T., Helmstaedt, K., Henrissat, B., Hofmann, G., Homan, T., Horio, T., Horiuchi, H., James, S., Jones, M., Karaffa, L., Karanyi, Z., Kato, M., Keller, N., Kelly, D.E., Kiel, J.A.K.W., Kim, J.M., van der Klei, I.J., Klis, F.M., Kovalchuk, A., Krasevec, N., Kubicek, C.P., Liu, B., MacCabe, A., Meyer, V., Mirabito, P., Miskei, M., Mos, M., Mullins, J., Nelson, D.R., Nielsen, J., Oakley, B.R., Osmani, S.A., Pakula, T., Paszewski, A., Paulsen, I., Pilsyk, S., Pocsi, I., Punt, P.J., Ram, A.F.J., Ren, Q.H., Robellet, X., Robson, G., Seiboth, B., van Solingen, P., Specht, T., Sun, J.B., Taheri-Talesh, N., Takeshita, N., Ussery, D., Vankuyk, P.A., Visser, H., de Vondervoort, P.J.I.V., de Vries, R.P., Walton, J., Xiang, X., Xiong, Y., Zeng, A.P., Brandt, B.W., Cornell, M.J., van den Hondel, C.A.M.J., Visser, J., Oliver, S.G. & Turner, G. The 2008 update of the Aspergillus nidulans genome annotation: A community effort. Fungal Genetics and Biology 46 S2-S13 (2009)

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