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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2008

Zernike Institute
  1. Bakulin,A.A., Cringus,D., Pshenichnikov,M.S. & Wiersma,D.A. Frozen dynamics and insulation of water at the lipid interface. Ultrafast Phenomena XVI. 1, 514. 2008. (Optical Condensed Matter Physics)

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  3. Chen,C.Q., Shaha,K.P., De Hosson,J.T.M. & Pei,Y.T. Cross sectional TEM observation and nanoindentation study of multilayered nanocomposite coatings. Fan, J. H. and Chen, H. B. Advances in heterogeneous material mechanics (Proc. ICHMM-2008). 1335-1339. 2008. Lancaster, DEStech Publications, Inc. (Materials Science)

  4. Chen,C.Q., Pei,Y.T. & De Hosson,J.T.M. Probing mechanical properties by in-situ TEM nanoindentation. Luysberg, M., Tillmann, K., and Weirich, T. Proc. EMC 2008, Vol. 1, Instrumentation and methods. 473-474. 2008. Berlin Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag. (Materials Science)

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  7. Goga,N. & Veil,K. Verifications results for IT standards: FireWire. VDM publishers, (2008). (Molecular Dynamics)

  8. Hoenders,B.J. The painful derivation of the refractive index from microscopical considerations. Proceedings of Light-Activated Tissue Regeneration and Therapy Conference; Volume 12. 297-305. 2008. Springer. (Theory of Condensed Matter)

  9. Khaderi,S.N., Baltussen,M.G.H.M., Anderson,P.D., Ioan,D., den Toonder,J.M.J. & Onck,P.R. Fluid propulsion in microchannels using magnetically actuated artificial cilia - a parametric study. Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Microfluidics. paper no. 162. 2008. Bologna, Italy. (Micromechanics)

  10. Kooi,B.J., Pandian,R. & De Hosson,J.T.M. Crystal Growth Rates in Doped SbxTe Fast-Growth Phase-Change Films Studied with Transmission Electron Microscopy. MRS Proceedings. 1072, G04-04-+. 2008. (Materials Science)

  11. Mangipudi,K.R. & Onck,P.R. Multi-scale modelling of fracture in open-cell metal foams. Proceedings of the 11th European Mechanics of Materials Conference. 2008. Torino, Italy. (Micromechanics)

  12. Marrink,S.J., Fuhrmans,M., Risselada,H.J. & Periole,X. The MARTINI force field. G.Voth ed. Coarse graining of condensed phase and biomolecular systems. (2). 2008. CRC press. (Molecular Dynamics)

  13. Michel, D., Noheda, B., Przeslawski, J. & Wang, Y.L. Guest editorial in honour of Professor Julio Antonio Gonzalo Gonzalez. Ferroelectrics 363 1-3 (2008) (Solid State Materials for Electronics)

  14. Pandian,R., Kooi,B.J., Palasantzas,G. & De Hosson,J.T.M. Reversible Electrical Resistance Switching in GeSbTe Thin Films: An Electrolytic Approach Without Amorphous-Crystalline Phase-Change. Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. 1071, 1071-F09-09-+. 2008. (Materials Science)

  15. Pandian,R., Kooi,B.J., Oosthoek,J., Palasantzas,G., De Hosson,J.T.M. & Pauza,A. Reversible Resistance Switching in GeSbTe Thin Films without Amorphous-Crystalline Phase-Change. European Phase Change and Ovonic Science Symposium (EPCOS 2008). 2008. (Materials Science)

  16. Parreira,N.M.G., Pei,Y.T., Galvan,D., Polcar,T., De Hosson,J.T.M. & Cavaleiro,A. TEM Characterization of W-O-N Coatings. Microscopy and Microanalysis. 14, 27-30. 2008. (Materials Science)

  17. Pei,Y.T., Shaha,K.P., Chen,C.Q., van der Hulst,R., Turkin,A.A. & De Hosson,J.T.M. From dynamic roughening to dynamic smoothening: the growth behavior of nanocomposite films controlled by concurrent ion impingement. De Gryse, R., Depla, D., Poelman, D., Mahieu, S, Leroy, W. P., and Poelman, H. Proc. ICTF14 & RSD2008. 118-+. 2008. Gent. (Materials Science)

  18. Shaha,K.P., Pei,Y.T., Chen,C.Q. & De Hosson,J.T.M. Optical emission spectrometry and characterization of pulsed-DC reactively sputtered TiC/a-C:H nanocomposite films. De Gryse, R., Depla, D., Poelman, D., Mahieu, S, Leroy, W. P., and Poelman, H. Proc. ICTF14 & RSD2008. 152-+. 2008. Gent. (Materials Science)

  19. Soer,W.A. & De Hosson,J.T.M. In-situ transmission electron microscopy: nanoindentation and straining experiments. Banhart, F. In situ Electron Microscopy at High Resolution. 115-160. 2008. World Scientific. (Materials Science)

  20. van der Vlist,J. & Loos,K. Novel materials based on enzymatically synthesized amylose and amylopectin. Cheng, H. N. and Gross, R. A. In Polymer Biocatalysis and Biomaterials, II. (24), 362-378. 2008. ACS Symp. Ser. (Polymer Thin Film and Surface Science)

  21. Veenhoff, L.M. The nuclear transport machinery. NPC Highlights 8 8-11 (2008) (Membrane Enzymology)

  22. Venkatesan,S., Kooi,B.J., De Hosson,J.T.M., Vlooswijk,A.H.G. & Noheda,B. Domain formation in lead titanate ferroelectric thin films. 17th IEEE International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics. 1-4. 2008. Santa Re, NM, USA. (Materials Science / Solid State Materials for Electronics)

  23. Voss,T., Scherpen,J.M.A. & Onck,P.R. Modeling for control of an inflatable space reflector, the nonlinear 1-D case. 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. 1777-1782. 2008. (Micromechanics)

  24. Yefimov, S., Marrink, S.J., Onck, P.R. & Van der Giessen, E. Towards the gating of MscL: A coarse-grained molecular dynamics approach. Biophysical Journal 113A (2008) (Micromechanics / Molecular Dynamics)

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