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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2008

Molecular Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Bambirra, S., Perazzolo, F., Boot, S.J., Sciarone, T.J.J., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Strategies for the synthesis of lanthanum dialkyl complexes with monoanionic ancillary ligands. Organometallics 27 (4) 704-712 (2008)

  2. Bouwkamp, M.W., Batinas, A.A., Witte, P.T., Hubregtse, T., Dam, J., Meetsma, A., Teuben, J.H. & Hessen, B. Relative reactivity of the metal-amido versus metal-imido bond in linked cp-amido and half-sandwich complexes of vanadium. Organometallics 27 (16) 4071-4082 (2008)

  3. Ge, S.Z., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Highly efficient hydrosilylation of alkenes by organoyttrium catalysts with sterically demanding amidinate and guanidinate ligands. Organometallics 27 (13) 3131-3135 (2008)

  4. Ge, S.Z., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Neutral and cationic rare earth metal alkyl and benzyl compounds with the 1,4,6-trimethyl-6-pyrrolidin-1-yl-1,4-diazepane ligand and their performance in the catalytic hydroamination/cyclization of aminoalkenes. Organometallics 27 (20) 5339-5346 (2008)

  5. Li, W.D., Zhang, X.C., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Reactions of cationic palladium alpha-diimine complexes with nitrogen-containing olefins: Branched polyethylene with carbazole functionalities. Organometallics 27 (9) 2052-2057 (2008)

  6. Liu, G.H., Lu, X.Q., Gagliardo, M., Beetstra, D.J., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Vanadium (beta-(dimethylamino)ethyl)cyclopentadienyl complexes with diphenylacetylene ligands. Organometallics 27 (10) 2316-2320 (2008)

  7. Lummen, T.T.A., Gengler, R.Y.N., Rudolf, P., Lusitani, F., Vertelman, E.J.M., van Koningsbruggen, P.J., Knupfer, M., Molodtsova, O., Pireaux, J.J. & van Loosdrecht, P.H.M. Bulk and surface switching in Mn-Fe-based Prussian blue analogues. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (36) 14158-14167 (2008)

  8. Luzon, J., Castro, M., Vertelman, E.J.M., Gengler, R.Y.N., van Koningsbruggen, P.J., Molodtsova, O., Knupfer, M., Rudolf, P., van Loosdrecht, P.H.M. & Broer, R. Prediction of the equilibrium structures and photomagnetic properties of the Prussian blue analogue RbMn[Fe(CN)(6)] by density functional theory. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112 (25) 5742-5748 (2008)

  9. Meyer, N., Roesky, P.W., Bambirra, S., Meetsma, A., Hessen, B., Saliu, K. & Takats, J. Synthesis and structures of scandium and lutetium benzyl complexes. Organometallics 27 (7) 1501-1505 (2008)

  10. Norambuena, V.F.Q., Heeres, A., Heeres, H.J., Meetsma, A., Teuben, J.H. & Hessen, B. Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of rare-earth metallocene eta(3)-propargyl/allenyl complexes. Organometallics 27 (21) 5672-5683 (2008)

  11. Sciarone, T.J.J., Nijhuis, C.A., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Neutral and cationic paramagnetic amino-amidinate Iron(II) complexes: F-19 NMR evidence for interactions with weakly coordinating anions. Organometallics 27 (9) 2058-2065 (2008)

  12. Tido, E.W.Y., van Ekenstein, G.O.R.A., Meetsma, A. & van Koningsbruggen, P.J. Study of neutral Fe(III) complexes of pyridoxal-N-substituted thiosemicarbazone with desolvation-induced spin-state transformation above room temperature. Inorganic Chemistry 47 (1) 143-153 (2008)

  13. van der Geer, E.P.L., van den Brom, C.R., Arfaoui, I., Houssiau, L., Rudolf, P., van Koten, G., Gebbink, R.J.M.K. & Hessen, B. 3:1 site-differentiated [4Fe-4S] cluster immobilized on a self-assembled monolayer. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (44) 17225-17230 (2008)

  14. van der Geer, E.P.L., van Koten, G., Gebbink, R.J.M.K. & Hessen, B. A [4Fe-4S] cluster dimer bridged by bis(2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-terpyridine-4 '-thiolato)iron(II). Inorganic Chemistry 47 (7) 2849-2857 (2008)

  15. van der Geer, E.P.L., Li, Q., van Koten, G., Gebbink, R.J.M.K. & Hessen, B. N-Substituted indole-3-thiolate [4Fe-4S] clusters with a unique and tunable combination of spectral and redox properties. Inorganica Chimica Acta 361 (7) 1811-1818 (2008)

  16. Vertelman, E.J.M., Lummen, T.T.A., Meetsma, A., Bouwkamp, M.W., Molnar, G., van Loosdrecht, P.H.M. & van Koningsbruggen, P.J. Light- and temperature-induced electron transfer in single crystals of RbMn[Fe(CN)(6)]center dot H2O. Chemistry of Materials 20 (4) 1236-1238 (2008)

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