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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2007

Membrane Enzymology
  1. Alber, F., Dokudovskaya, S., Veenhoff, L.M., Zhang, W.Z., Kipper, J., Devos, D., Suprapto, A., Karni-Schmidt, O., Williams, R., Chait, B.T., Rout, M.P. & Sali, A. Determining the architectures of macromolecular assemblies. Nature 450 (7170) 683-694 (2007)

  2. Alber, F., Dokudovskaya, S., Veenhoff, L.M., Zhang, W.H., Kipper, J., Devos, D., Suprapto, A., Karni-Schmidt, O., Williams, R., Chait, B.T., Sali, A. & Rout, M.P. The molecular architecture of the nuclear pore complex. Nature 450 (7170) 695-701 (2007)

  3. Bamber, L., Harding, M., Monne, M., Slotboom, D.J. & Kunji, E.R.S. The yeast mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier functions as a monomer in mitochondrial membranes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104 (26) 10830-10834 (2007)

  4. Bamber, L., Slotboom, D.J. & Kunji, E.R.S. Yeast mitochondrial ADP/ATP carriers are monomeric in detergents as demonstrated by differential affinity purification. Journal of Molecular Biology 371 (2) 388-395 (2007)

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  6. Brooijmans, R.J.W., Poolman, B., Schuurman-Wolters, G.K., de Vos, W.M. & Hugenholtz, J. Generation of a membrane potential by Lactococcus lactis through aerobic electron transport. Journal of Bacteriology 189 (14) 5203-5209 (2007)

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  8. Duurkens, R.H., Tol, M.B., Geertsma, E.R., Permentier, H.P. & Slotboom, D.J. Flavin binding to the high affinity riboflavin transporter RibU. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (14) 10380-10386 (2007)

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  10. Geertsma, E.R. & Poolman, B. High-throughput cloning and expression in recalcitrant bacteria. Nature Methods 4 (9) 705-707 (2007)

  11. Gosiewska, S., Permentier, H.P., Bruins, A.P., van Koten, G. & Gebbink, R.J.M.K. Characterization and alkane oxidation activity of a diastereopure seven-coordinate iron(III) alkylperoxo complex. Dalton Transactions (31) 3365-3368 (2007)

  12. Groeneveld, M. & Slotboom, D.J. Rigidity of the subunit interfaces of the trimeric glutamate transporter GItT during translocation. Journal of Molecular Biology 372 (3) 565-570 (2007)

  13. Jong, W.S.P., ten Hagen-Jongman, C.M., den Blaauwen, T., Slotboom, D.J., Tame, J.R.H., Wickstrom, D., De Gier, J.W., Otto, B.R. & Luirink, J. Limited tolerance towards folded elements during secretion of the autotransporter Hbp. Molecular Microbiology 63 (5) 1524-1536 (2007)

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  17. Permentier, H.P., Wiederhold, E. & Poolman, B. Acid- and proline-directed peptide fragmentation as a simple strategy for improved identification success of low quality MALDI-TOF/TOF spectra. Proteomics (2007)

  18. Poolman, B., Geertsma, E.R. & Slotboom, D.J. A missing link in membrane protein evolution. Science 315 (5816) 1229-1231 (2007)

  19. Poolman, B., Geertsma, E. & Slotboom, D.J. Controversy over EmrE structure - Response. Science 317 (5839) 750-751 (2007)

  20. Sani, M., Allaoui, A., Fusetti, F., Oostergetel, G.T., Keegstra, W. & Boekema, E.J. Structural organization of the needle complex of the type III secretion apparatus of Shigella flexneri. Micron 38 (3) 291-301 (2007)

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  25. van den Bogaart, G., Mika, J.T., Krasnikov, V. & Poolman, B. The lipid dependence of Melittin action investigated by dual-color fluorescence burst analysis. Biophysical Journal 93 (1) 154-163 (2007)

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