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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2005

  1. Amsterdam,E., Babcsan,N., De Hosson,J.T.M., Onck,P.R. & Banhart,J. Fracture behaviour of metal foams made of recycled MMC by the melt route. Proceedings MetFoam2005, the 4th International Conference on Metal Foams. 2005.

  2. Deshpande, V.S., Needleman, A. & Van der Giessen, E. Reply to "Comment on 'dislocation dynamics is chaotic"'. Scripta Materialia 52 (5) 429-431 (2005)

  3. Haug,A., Onck,P.R. & Van der Giessen,E. Internal stress generation during switching of ferroelectrics. MRS Proceedings. 881E, CC4.4.1-CC4.4.6. 2005.

  4. Kaim,Y., Onck,P.R. & Van der Giessen,E. The topology of fracture surfaces in intergranular creep fracture. Proceedings 11th International Conference on Fracture ICF11. 2005.

  5. Onck,P.R. & Van der Giessen,E. Towards failure of cytoskeletal actin networks. Proceedings 11th International Conference on Fracture ICF11. 2005.

  6. Scheyvaerts,F., Onck,P.R., Brechet,Y. & Pardoen,T. Multiscale simulation of the competition between transgranular and intergranular ductile fracture. Proceedings 11 th International Conference on Fracture. 2005.

  7. Van der Giessen,E. & Needleman,A. Discrete dislocation plasticity. Yip, S. Handbook of Materials Modeling. 1115-1131. 2005. Springer.

  8. Van der Giessen,E., Koeman,T., van Dillen,T. & Onck,P.R. On the origin of stiffening in biopolymers. MRS Proceedings. 874, L3.1.1-L3.1.7. 2005.

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