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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2004

Theory of Condensed Matter
  1. Pugzlys,A., Hania,P.R., Didraga,C., Malyshev,V.A., Knoester,J. & Duppen,K. Ultrafast exciton transport in organic nanotubes. Kobayashi, T., Okada, T., Nelson, K. A., and De Silvestri, S. Ultrafast phenomena XIV. 879. 2004. Berlin, Springer Verlag.

  2. Smith, A.W., Cheatum, C.M., Chung, H.S., Demirdoven, N., Khalil, M., Knoester, J. & Tokmakoff, A. Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of beta-sheets and hairpins. Biophysical Journal 86 (1) 619A (2004)

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