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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2004

(Bio-)organic Materials and Devices
  1. Anthopoulos, T.D., Tanase, C., Setayesh, S., Meijer, E.J., Hummelen, J.C., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Ambipolar organic field-effect transistors based on a solution processed methanofullerene3106. Advanced Materials 16 (23-24) 2174-2179 (2004)

  2. Anthopoulos, T.D., de Leeuw, D.M., Cantatore, E., Setayesh, S., Meijer, E.J., Tanase, C., Hummelen, J.C. & Blom, P.W.M. Organic complementary-like inverters employing methanofullerene-based ambipolar field-effect transistors3104. Applied Physics Letters 85 (18) 4205-4207 (2004)

  3. Bulle-Lieuwma, C.W.T., van Duren, J.K.J., Yang, X., Loos, J., Sieval, A.B., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. Characterization of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)/methanofullerene blends of polymer solar cells by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry. Applied Surface Science 231-2 274-277 (2004)

  4. Chirvase, D., Parisi, J., Hummelen, J.C. & Dyakonov, V. Influence of nanomorphology on the photovoltaic action of polymer-fullerene composites3105. Nanotechnology 15 (9) 1317-1323 (2004)

  5. Jeranko, T., Tributsch, H., Sariciftci, N.S. & Hummelen, J.C. Patterns of efficiency and degradation of composite polymer solar cells. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 83 (2-3) 247-262 (2004)

  6. Mecher, E., Gallego-Gómez, F., Meerholz, K., Tillmann, H., Horhold, H.H. & Hummelen, J.C. Photophysical and redox NIR-sensitivity enhancement in photorefractive polymer composites. Chemphyschem 5 (2) 277-284 (2004)

  7. Mihailetchi, V.D., Koster, L.J.A., Hummelen, J.C. & Blom, P.W.M. Photocurrent generation in polymer-fullerene bulk heterojunctions3138. Physical Review Letters 93 (21) (2004)

  8. Riedel, I., Parisi, J., Dyakonov, V., Lutsen, L., Vanderzande, D. & Hummelen, J.C. Effect of temperature and illumination on the electrical characteristics of polymer-fullerene bulk-heterojunction solar cells. Advanced Functional Materials 14 (1) 38-44 (2004)

  9. Roder, T., Kitzerow, H.S. & Hummelen, J.C. Morphology and fluorescence quenching in photovoltaic samples containing fullerene and poly (p-phenylene-vinylene) derivatives. Synthetic Metals 141 (3) 271-275 (2004)

  10. van der Veen, M.H., Rispens, M.T., Jonkman, H.T. & Hummelen, J.C. Molecules with linear pi-conjugated pathways between all substituents: Omniconjugation. Advanced Functional Materials 14 (3) 215-223 (2004)

  11. van Duren, J.K.J., Yang, X.N., Loos, J., Bulle-Lieuwma, C.W.T., Sieval, A.B., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. Relating the morphology of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)/methanofullerene blends to solar-cell performance. Advanced Functional Materials 14 (5) 425-434 (2004)

  12. Yang, X.N., van Duren, J.K.J., Rispens, M.T., Hummelen, J.C., Janssen, R.A.J., Michels, M.A.J. & Loos, J. Crystalline organization of a methanofullerene as used for plastic solar-cell applications. Advanced Materials 16 (9-10) 802-+ (2004)

  13. Yohannes, T., Zhang, F., Svensson, A., Hummelen, J.C., Andersson, M.R. & Inganas, O. Polyfluorene copolymer based bulk heterojunction solar cells. Thin Solid Films 449 (1-2) 152-157 (2004)

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