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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2003

Computational Physics
  1. De Hosson, J.T.M. & De Raedt, H. Effects of topography on nano-structured thin films: a Lorentz transmission electron microscopy and electron holography study. Review of Advanced Materials Science 5 34-40 (2003)

  2. De Raedt, H., Michielsen, K.F.L., Kole, J.S. & Figge, M.T. One-step finite-difference time-domain algorithm to solve the Maxwell equations. Physical Review E 67 (5) art-056706 (2003)

  3. De Raedt, H., Michielsen, K.F.L., Kole, J.S. & Figge, M.T. Solving the Maxwell equations by the Chebyshev method: A one-step finite-difference time-domain algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 51 (11) 3155-3160 (2003)

  4. De Raedt, H., Kole, J.S., Michielsen, K.F.L. & Figge, M.T. Unified framework for numerical methods to solve the time-dependent Maxwell equations. Computer Physics Communications 156 (1) 43-61 (2003)

  5. Dobrovitski, V.V. & De Raedt, H. Efficient scheme for numerical simulations of the spin-bath decoherence. Physical Review E 67 (5) art-056702 (2003)

  6. Dobrovitski, V.V., De Raedt, H., Katsnelson, M.I. & Harmon, B.N. Quantum oscillations without quantum coherence. Physical Review Letters 90 (21) art-210401 (2003)

  7. Katsnelson, M.I., Dobrovitski, V.V., De Raedt, H. & Harmon, B.N. Destruction of the Kondo effect by a local measurement. Physics Letters A 318 (4-5) 445-451 (2003)

  8. Kole, J.S. Solving seismic wave propagation in elastic media using the matrix exponential approach. Wave Motion 38 (4) 279-293 (2003)

  9. Michielsen, K.F.L. & Kole, J.S. Photonic band gaps in materials with triply periodic surfaces and related tubular structures. Physical Review B 68 (11) art-115107 (2003)

  10. Michielsen, K.F.L. & De Raedt, H. QCE: a simulator for quantum computer hardware. Turkish Journal of Physics 27 343 (2003)

  11. Miyashita, S., De Raedt, H. & Michielsen, K.F.L. Directionally independent energy gap formation due to the hyperfine interaction. Progress of Theoretical Physics 110 (5) 889-899 (2003)

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