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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2003

Physics of Organic Semiconductors
  1. Meijer, E.J., de Leeuw, D.M., Setayesh, S., van Veenendaal, E., Huisman, B.H., Blom, P.W.M., Hummelen, J.C., Scherf, U. & Klapwijk, T.M. Solution-processed ambipolar organic field-effect transistors and inverters. Nature Materials 2 (10) 678-682 (2003)

  2. Mihailetchi, V.D., Blom, P.W.M., Hummelen, J.C. & Rispens, M.T. Cathode dependence of the open-circuit voltage of polymer : fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells. Journal of Applied Physics 94 (10) 6849-6854 (2003)

  3. Mihailetchi, V.D., van Duren, J.K.J., Blom, P.W.M., Hummelen, J.C., Janssen, R.A.J., Kroon, J.M., Rispens, M.T., Verhees, W.J.H. & Wienk, M.M. Electron transport in a methanofullerene. Advanced Functional Materials 13 (1) 43-46 (2003)

  4. Tanase, C., Meijer, E.J., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Local charge carrier mobility in disordered organic field-effect transistors. Organic Electronics 4 (1) 33-37 (2003)

  5. Tanase, C., Meijer, E.J., Blom, P.W.M. & de Leeuw, D.M. Unification of the hole transport in polymeric field-effect transistors and light-emitting diodes. Physical Review Letters 91 (21) art-216601 (2003)

  6. van Duren, J.K.J., Mihailetchi, V.D., Blom, P.W.M., van Woudenbergh, T., Hummelen, J.C., Rispens, M.T., Janssen, R.A.J. & Wienk, M.M. Injection-limited electron current in a methanofullerene. Journal of Applied Physics 94 (7) 4477-4479 (2003)

  7. van Woudenbergh, T., Blom, P.W.M. & Huiberts, J.N. Electro-optical properties of a polymer light-emitting diode with an injection-limited hole contact. Applied Physics Letters 82 (6) 985-987 (2003)

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