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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2002

Functional Polymers
  1. Armaroli, N., Accorsi, G., Gisselbrecht, J.P., Gross, M., Krasnikov, V.V., Tsamouras, D., Hadziioannou, G., Gomez-Escalonilla, M.J., Langa, F., Eckert, J.F. & Nierengarten, J.F. Photoinduced processes in fullerenopyrrolidine and fullerenopyrazoline derivatives substituted with an oligophenylenevinylene moiety. Journal of Materials Chemistry 12 (7) 2077-2087 (2002)

  2. Boer, B.d., Hutten, P.F.v., Ouali, L., Grayer, V. & Hadziioannou, G. Amphiphilic, regioregular polythiophenes. Macromolecules 35 (18) 6883-6892 (2002)

  3. Boiteau, L., Moroni, M., Hilberer, A., Werts, M.P.L., Boer, B.d. & Hadziioannou, G. Synthesis of a diblock copolymer with pendent luminescent and charge transport units through nitroxide-mediated free radical polymerization. Macromolecules 35 (5) 1543-1548 (2002)

  4. Geens, W., Aernouts, T., Poortmans, J. & Hadziioannou, G. Organic co-evaporated films of a PPV-pentamer and C-60: model systems for donor/acceptor polymer blends. Thin Solid Films 403 438-443 (2002)

  5. Grozema, F.C., Candeias, L.P., Swart, M., van Duijnen, P.T., Wildeman, J., Hadziioannou, G., Siebbeles, L.D.A. & Warman, J.M. Theoretical and experimental studies of the opto-electronic properties of positively charged oligo(phenylene vinylene)s: Effects of chain length and alkoxy substitution. Journal of Chemical Physics 117 (24) 11366-11378 (2002)

  6. Gu, T., Tsamouras, D., Melzer, C., Krasnikov, V.V., Gisselbrecht, J.P., Gross, M., Hadziioannou, G. & Nierengarten, J.F. Photovoltaic devices from fullerene oligophenyleneethynylene conjugates. Chemphyschem 3 (1) 124-127 (2002)

  7. Hadziioannou, G. Semiconducting block copolymers for self-assembled photovoltaic devices. MRS Bulletin 27 (6) 456-460 (2002)

  8. Retsos, H., Terzis, A.F., Anastasiadis, S.H., Anastassopoulos, D.L., Toprakcioglu, C., Theodorou, D.N., Smith, G.S., Menelle, A., Gill, R.E., Hadziioannou, G. & Gallot, Y. Mushrooms and brushes in thin films of diblock copolymer/homopolymer mixtures. Macromolecules 35 (3) 1116-1132 (2002)

  9. Veenstra, S.C., Heeres, A., Hadziioannou, G., Sawatzky, G.A. & Jonkman, H.T. On interface dipole layers between C-60 and Ag or Au. Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing 75 (6) 661-666 (2002)

  10. Veenstra, S.C., Hutten, P.F.v., Post, A.D., Wang, Y., Hadziioannou, G. & Jonkman, H.T. Structural studies on thin films of an unsubstituted oligo(para-phenylenevinylene). Thin Solid Films 422 (1-2) 104-111 (2002)

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