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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2001

Theoretical Chemistry
  1. Bagus, P.S., Broer, R., de Jong, W.A., Nieuwpoort, W.C., Parmigiani, F. & Sangaletti, L. Comment on "Atomic many-body effects for the p-shell photoelectron spectra of transition metals" - Reply. Physical Review Letters 86 (16) 3693 (2001)

  2. de Boeij,P.L. & Wijers,C.M.J. Role of wave functions in electromagnetism: RAS from GaAs (110). Lenstra, D., Visser, T. D., and van Leeuwen, K. A. H. Quantum optics of small structures. 159-166. 2001. Amsterdam, KNAW.

  3. de Lange,M.J.L., Lambrechts,S., van Leuken,J.J., Drabbels,M., Bulthuis,J., Snijders,J.G. & Stolte,S. Orientation of parity-selected NO and its teric asymmetry in rotational energy transfer collisions. Campargue, R. Atomic and molecular beams: The state of the art 2000. 528-542. 2001. Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag.

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