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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2001

Inorganic Thin Films
  1. Eerenstein, W., Palstra, T.T.M. & Hibma, T. Spin-valve behaviour of anti-ferromagnetic boundaries in ultrathin magnetite films. Thin Solid Films 400 (1-2) 90-94 (2001)

  2. Luches, P., Altieri, S., Giovanardi, C., Moia, T.S., Valeri, S., Bruno, F., Floreano, L., Morgante, A., Santaniello, A., Verdini, A., Gotter, R. & Hibma, T. Growth, structure and epitaxy of ultrathin NiO films on Ag(001). Thin Solid Films 400 (1-2) 139-143 (2001)

  3. Rata, A.D., Vongtragool, S., Boerma, D.O. & Hibma, T. Stoichiometry determination of VOx thin films by O-18-RBS spectrometry. Thin Solid Films 400 (1-2) 120-124 (2001)

  4. Voogt, F.C., Smulders, P.J.M., Wijnja, G.H., Niesen, L., Fujii, T., James, M.A. & Hibma, T. NO2-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy of wustitelike and magnetitelike Fe oxynitride films on MgO(100). Physical Review B 6312 (12) art-125409 (2001)

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