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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2001

(Bio-)organic Materials and Devices
  1. Brabec, C.J., Winder, C., Scharber, M.C., Sariciftci, N.S., Hummelen, J.C., Svensson, M. & Andersson, M.R. Influence of disorder on the photoinduced excitations in phenyl substituted polythiophenes. Journal of Chemical Physics 115 (15) 7235-7244 (2001)

  2. Brabec, C.J., Shaheen, S.E., Fromherz, T., Padinger, F., Hummelen, J.C., Dhanabalan, A., Janssen, R.A.J. & Sariciftci, N.S. Organic photovoltaic devices produced from conjugated polymer/methanofullerene bulk heterojunctions. Synthetic Metals 121 (1-3) 1517-1520 (2001)

  3. Brabec, C.J., Cravino, A., Meissner, D., Sariciftci, N.S., Fromherz, T., Rispens, M.T., Sánchez, L. & Hummelen, J.C. Origin of the open circuit voltage of plastic solar cells. Advanced Functional Materials 11 (5) 374-380 (2001)

  4. Brabec, C.J., Cravino, A., Zerza, G., Sariciftci, N.S., Kiebooms, R., Vanderzande, D.J.M. & Hummelen, J.C. Photoactive blends of poly(para-phenylenevinylene) (PPV) with methanofullerenes from a novel precursor: Photophysics and device performance. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (8) 1528-1536 (2001)

  5. Brabec, C.J., Sariciftci, N.S. & Hummelen, J.C. Plastic solar cells. Advanced Functional Materials 11 (1) 15-26 (2001)

  6. Brabec, C.J., Zerza, G., Cerullo, G., De Silvestri, S., Luzzati, S., Hummelen, J.C. & Sariciftci, N.S. Tracing photoinduced electron transfer process in conjugated polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunctions in real time. Chemical Physics Letters 340 (3-4) 232-236 (2001)

  7. De Ceuster, J., Goovaerts, E., Bouwen, A., Dyakonov, V. & Hummelen, J.C. A high-frequency light-induced electron spin resonance study of conjugated polymer/fullerene composites. Synthetic Metals 124 (1) 99-101 (2001)

  8. De Ceuster, J., Goovaerts, E., Bouwen, A., Hummelen, J.C. & Dyakonov, V. High-frequency (95 GHz) electron paramagnetic resonance study of the photoinduced charge transfer in conjugated polymer- fullerene composites. Physical Review B 6419 (19) art-195206 (2001)

  9. Dhanabalan, A., Knol, J., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. Design and synthesis of new processible donor-acceptor dyad and triads. Synthetic Metals 119 (1-3) 519-522 (2001)

  10. Dyakonov, V., Godovsky, D., Meyer, J., Parisi, J., Brabec, C.J., Sariciftci, N.S. & Hummelen, J.C. Electrical admittance studies of polymer photovoltaic cells. Synthetic Metals 124 (1) 103-105 (2001)

  11. Dyakonov, V., Godovsky, D., Parisi, J., Brabec, C.J., Sariciftci, N.S., Hummelen, J.C., De Ceuster, J. & Goovaerts, E. Spectroscopy on polymer-fullerene composites and photovoltaic cells. Synthetic Metals 121 (1-3) 1529-1532 (2001)

  12. Gebeyehu, D., Brabec, C.J., Padinger, F., Fromherz, T., Hummelen, J.C., Badt, D., Schindler, H. & Sariciftci, N.S. The interplay of efficiency and morphology in photovoltaic devices based on interpenetrating networks of conjugated polymers with fullerenes. Synthetic Metals 118 (1-3) 1-9 (2001)

  13. Hummelen,J.C., Knol,J. & Sanchez,L. Stability issues of conjugated polymer/fullerene solar cells from a chemical viewpoint134. Kafafi. Proceedings of SPIE 4108 "Organic photovoltaics". 76-84. 2001.

  14. Inganäs, O., Roman, L.S., Zhang, F.L., Johansson, D.M., Andersson, M.R. & Hummelen, J.C. Recent progress in thin film organic photodiodes. Synthetic Metals 121 (1-3) 1525-1528 (2001)

  15. Mühlbacher, D., Brabec, C.J., Sariciftci, N.S., Kotov, B.V., Berendyaev, V.I., Rumyantsev, B.M. & Hummelen, J.C. Sensitization of photoconductive polyimides for photovoltaic applications. Synthetic Metals 121 (1-3) 1609-1610 (2001)

  16. Ramos, A.M., Rispens, M.T., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. A poly(p-phenylene ethynylene vinylene) with pendant fullereness. Synthetic Metals 119 (1-3) 171-172 (2001)

  17. Ramos, A.M., Rispens, M.T., van Duren, J.K.J., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. Photoinduced electron transfer and photovoltaic devices of a conjugated polymer with pendant fullerenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (27) 6714-6715 (2001)

  18. Rispens, M.T., Sánchez, L., Knol, J. & Hummelen, J.C. Supramolecular organization of fullerenes by quadruple hydrogen bonding. Chemical Communications (2) 161-162 (2001)

  19. Shaheen, S.E., Brabec, C.J., Sariciftci, N.S., Padinger, F., Fromherz, T. & Hummelen, J.C. 2.5% efficient organic plastic solar cells. Applied Physics Letters 78 (6) 841-843 (2001)

  20. van Hal, P.A., Knol, J., Langeveld-Voss, B.M.W., Meskers, S.C.J., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. Photoinduced energy and electron transfer in a C-60-6T-C-60 triad. Synthetic Metals 121 (1-3) 1597-1598 (2001)

  21. van Hal, P.A., Knol, J., Langeveld-Voss, B.M.W., Meskers, S.C.J., Hummelen, J.C. & Janssen, R.A.J. Photoinduced singlet and triplet energy transfer in fullerene- oligothiophene-fullerene triads. Synthetic Metals 116 (1-3) 123-127 (2001)

  22. Vangeneugden, D.L., Vanderzande, D.J.M., Salbeck, J., van Hal, P.A., Janssen, R.A.J., Hummelen, J.C., Brabec, C.J., Shaheen, S.E. & Sariciftci, N.S. Synthesis and characterization of a poly(1,3- dithienylisothianaphthene) derivative for bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (45) 11106-11113 (2001)

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