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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2000

Physics of Nanodevices
  1. Filip, A.T., Hoving, B.H., Jedema, F.J. & Wees, B.J.v. Experimental search for the electrical spin injection in a semiconductor. Physical Review B 62 (15) 9996-9999 (2000)

  2. Iosad, N.N., Mijiritskii, A.V., Roddatis, V.V., van der Pers, N.M., Jackson, B.D., Gao, J.R., Polyakov, S.N., Dmitriev, P.N. & Klapwijk, T.M. Properties of (Nb-0.35, Ti-0.15)(x)Ni1-x thin films deposited on silicon wafers at ambient substrate temperature. Journal of Applied Physics 88 (10) 5756-5759 (2000)

  3. Morpurgo, A.F., Baselmans, J.J.A., Wees, B.J.v. & Klapwijk, T.M. Energy spectroscopy of Josephson supercurrent. Journal of Low Temperature Physics 118 (5-6) 637-651 (2000)

  4. Schmidt, G., Ferrand, D., Molenkamp, L.W., Filip, A.T. & Wees, B.J.v. Fundamental obstacle for electrical spin injection from a ferromagnetic metal into a diffusive semiconductor. Physical Review B 62 (8) R4790-R4793 (2000)

  5. Schoonveld, W.A., Wildeman, J., Fichou, D., Bobbert, P.A., Wees, B.J.v. & Klapwijk, T.M. Coulomb-blockade transport in single-crystal organic thin-film transistors. Nature 404 (6781) 977-980 (2000)

  6. Wees, B.J.v. Comment on "Observation of spin injection at a ferromagnet- semiconductor interface". Physical Review Letters 84 (21) 5023 (2000)

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