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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2000

Surfaces and Thin Films
  1. De Nadai, C., Whelan, C.M., Perollier, C., Clarkson, G.J., Leigh, D.A., Caudano, R. & Rudolf, P. Self-assembly of mechanically interlocked and threaded rings: a HREELS and XPS study of thiol-functionalised catenane and rotaxane molecules on Au(111). Surface Science 454 112-117 (2000)

  2. Fustin, C.A., Leigh, D.A., Rudolf, P., Timpel, D. & Zerbetto, F. Physical consequences of a mechanically interlocked architecture: Benzylic amide catenane NH stretching vibrations as sensitive probes for weakly hydrogen-bonding environments. Chemphyschem 1 (2) 97-100 (2000)

  3. Hunt, M.R.C., Rajogopal, A., Caudano, R. & Rudolf, P. Temperature-dependent chemisorption of C-60 on Mo(110): precursors to cage destruction. Surface Science 454 267-272 (2000)

  4. Kohler, L., Scaglione, S., Giorgi, R., Riga, J., Rudolf, P. & Caudano, R. Ability of a Kaufman source to functionalize the surface of polystyrene by low-energy (80-225 eV) nitrogen ion bombardment. Surface and Interface Analysis 29 (10) 647-652 (2000)

  5. Pedio, M., Felici, R., Torrelles, X., Rudolf, P., Capozi, M., Rius, J. & Ferrer, S. Study of C-60/Au(110)-p(6 x 5) reconstruction from in-plane x- ray diffraction data. Physical Review Letters 85 (5) 1040-1043 (2000)

  6. Pichler, T., Hu, Z., Grazioli, C., Legner, S., Knupfer, M., Golden, M.S., Fink, J., de Groot, F.M.F., Hunt, M.R.C., Rudolf, P., Follath, R., Jung, C., Kjeldgaard, L., Bruhwiler, P.A., Inakuma, M. & Shinohara, H. Proof for trivalent Sc ions in Sc-2 @ C-84 from high-energy spectroscopy. Physical Review B 62 (19) 13196-13201 (2000)

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