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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1999

Solid State Materials for Electronics
  1. Geertsema, E.M., Meetsma, A. & Feringa, B.L. Asymmetric synthesis of overcrowded alkenes by transfer of axial single bond chirality to axial double bond chirality. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition in English 38 (18) 2738-2741 (1999)

  2. Hutten, P.F.v., Wildeman, J., Meetsma, A. & Hadziioannou, G. Molecular packing in unsubstituted semiconducting phenylenevinylene oligomer and polymer. Journal of the American Chemical Society 121 (25) 5910-+ (1999)

  3. Ligtenbarg, A.G.J., Hage, R., Meetsma, A. & Feringa, B.L. Hydrogen bonding properties and intermediate structure of N-(2- carboxyphenyl)salicylidenimine. Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 2 (4) 807-812 (1999)

  4. Ludecke, J., van Smaalen, S., Spijkerman, A., De Boer, J.L. & Wiegers, G.A. Commensurately modulated structure of 4H(b)-TaSe2 determined by x-ray crystal-structure refinement. Physical Review B 59 (9) 6063-6071 (1999)

  5. Meetsma, A., Keller, E. & Feringa, B.L. (+/-)-6,6 '-dinitro-1,1 '-binaphthyl 2,2 '-diacetate. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications 55 450-452 (1999)

  6. Morales, J., Santos, J., Baas, J., Wiegers, G.A. & Martinez, J.L. Electrical transport and magnetic properties of misfit layered compounds intercalated with cobaltocene. Chemistry of Materials 11 (10) 2737-2742 (1999)

  7. Ringelberg, S.N., Meetsma, A., Hessen, B. & Teuben, J.H. Thiophene C-H activation as a chain-transfer mechanism in ethylene polymerization: Catalytic formation of thienyl-capped polyethylene. Journal of the American Chemical Society 121 (25) 6082-6083 (1999)

  8. Roelfes, G., Lubben, M., Chen, K., Ho, R.Y.N., Meetsma, A., Genseberger, S., Hermant, R.M., Hage, R., Mandal, S.K., Young, V.G., Zang, Y., Kooijman, H., Spek, A.L., Que, L. & Feringa, B.L. Iron chemistry of a pentadentate ligand that generates a metastable Fe-III-OOH intermediate. Inorganic Chemistry 38 (8) 1929-1936 (1999)

  9. Tsvetkov, A.A., Dulic, D., Marel, D.v.d., Damascelli, A., Kaijushnaia, G.A., Gorina, J.I., Senturina, N.N., Koleshnikov, N.N., Ren, Z.F., Wang, J.H., Menovsky, A.A. & Palstra, T.T.M. Systematics of c-axis phonons in the thallium- and bismuth- based cuprate superconductors. Physical Review B 60 (18) 13196-13205 (1999)

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