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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1999

Surface Science
  1. Abbamonte, P., Burns, C.A., Isaacs, E.D., Platzman, P.M., Miller, L.L., Cheong, S.W. & Klein, M.V. Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering from valence excitations in insulating copper oxides. Physical Review Letters 83 (4) 860-863 (1999)

  2. Altieri, S., Tjeng, L.H., Voogt, F.C., Hibma, T. & Sawatzky, G.A. Reduction of Coulomb and charge-transfer energies in oxide films on metals. Physical Review B 59 (4) R2517-R2520 (1999)

  3. Babushkina, N.A., Belova, L.M., Khomskii, D.I., Kugel, K.I., Gorbenko, O.Y. & Kaul, A.R. Low-temperature transition to a metallic state in (La0.5Pr0.5)(0.7)Ca0.3MnO3 films. Physical Review B 59 (10) 6994-7000 (1999)

  4. Babushkina, N.A., Belova, L.M., Taldenkov, A.N., Chistotina, E.A., Khomskii, D.I., Kugel, K.I., Gorbenko, O.Y. & Kaul, A.R. The effect of oxygen isotope substitution on magnetic properties of (La1-yPry)(0.7)Ca0.3MnO3 manganites. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 11 (30) 5865-5873 (1999)

  5. Bazin, D., Parent, P., Laffon, C., Ducreux, O., Lynch, J., Kovacs, I., Guczi, L. & De Groot, F. Following the reduction under H-2 of supported cobalt catalysts through the L absorption edges. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 6 430-432 (1999)

  6. Belova, L.M., Babushkina, N.A., Gorbenko, O.Y., Kaul, A.R., Khomskii, D.I. & Kugel, K.I. Effects induced by O-16-O-18 oxygen isotope exchange in manganite ceramics and films. Journal of Superconductivity 12 (1) 269-272 (1999)

  7. Elfimov, I.S., Anisimov, V.I. & Sawatzky, G.A. Orbital ordering, Jahn-Teller distortion, and anomalous x-ray scattering in manganates. Physical Review Letters 82 (21) 4264-4267 (1999)

  8. Ezhov, S.Y., Anisimov, V.I., Khomskii, D.I. & Sawatzky, G.A. Orbital occupation, local spin, and exchange interactions in V2O3. Physical Review Letters 83 (20) 4136-4139 (1999)

  9. Finazzi, M., Brookes, N.B. & de Groot, F.M.F. 2p3s3p, 2p3p3p, and 2p3s3s resonant Auger spectroscopy from NiO. Physical Review B 59 (15) 9933-9942 (1999)

  10. Fujii, T., de Groot, F.M.F., Sawatzky, G.A., Voogt, F.C., Hibma, T. & Okada, K. In situ XPS analysis of various iron oxide films grown by NO2- assisted molecular-beam epitaxy. Physical Review B 59 (4) 3195-3202 (1999)

  11. Fujii, T., Voogt, F.C., Hibma, T. & Sawatzky, G.A. In situ XPS spectra of nonstoichiometric Fe3-deltaO4(100) films. Surface-Science-Spectra 6 337-346 (1999)

  12. Korotin, M.A., Elfimov, I.S., Anisimov, V.I., Troyer, M. & Khomskii, D.I. Exchange interactions and magnetic properties of the layered vanadates CaV2O5, MgV2O5, CaV3O7, and CaV4O9. Physical Review Letters 83 (7) 1387-1390 (1999)

  13. Mizokawa, T., Khomskii, D.I. & Sawatzky, G.A. Interplay between orbital ordering and lattice distortions in LaMnO3, YVO3, and YTiO3. Physical Review B 60 (10) 7309-7313 (1999)

  14. Pellegrin, E., Hagelstein, M., Doyle, S., Moser, H.O., Fuchs, J., Vollath, D., Schuppler, S., James, M.A., Saxena, S.S., Niesen, L., Rogojanu, O.C., Sawatzky, G.A., Ferrero, C., Borowski, M., Tjernberg, O. & Brookes, N.B. Characterization of nanocrystalline gamma-Fe2O3 with synchrotron radiation techniques. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research 215 (1) 797-801 (1999)

  15. Pen, H.F., Abbate, M., Fuijmori, A., Tokura, Y., Eisaki, H., Uchida, S. & Sawatzky, G.A. Electronic structure of Y1-xCaxVO3 studied by high-energy spectroscopies. Physical Review B 59 (11) 7422-7432 (1999)

  16. Schulte, K., Dulic, D. & Sawatzky, G.A. Plasmon DOS in layered systems: two layers per unit cell. Physica C 318 554-557 (1999)

  17. Shen, Z.X. & Sawatzky, G.A. Novel electronic structure of cuprate superconductors revealed by the anomalous spectral lineshape in ARPES experiments. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research 215 (1) 523-529 (1999)

  18. Tjeng, L.H., Brookes, N.B., Goedkoop, J.B., Sinkovic, B., de Groot, F.M.F., Hesper, R., Altieri, S., Pellegrin, E., Tanaka, A., Hulbert, S.L., Shekel, E., Hien, N.T., Menovsky, A.A. & Sawatzky, G.A. Study of magnetic materials using spin-resolved circularly- polarized resonant photoemission. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Short Notes & Review Papers 38 344-347 (1999)

  19. Tyson, T.A., Qian, Q., Kao, C.C., Rueff, J.P., de Groot, F.M.F., Croft, M., Cheong, S.W., Greenblatt, M. & Subramanian, M.A. Valence state of Mn in Ca-doped LaMnO3 studied by high- resolution Mn K-beta emission spectroscopy. Physical Review B 60 (7) 4665-4674 (1999)

  20. van den Brink, J., Khaliullin, G. & Khomskii, D.I. Charge and orbital order in half-doped manganites. Physical Review Letters 83 (24) 5118-5121 (1999)

  21. van den Brink, J. & Khomskii, D.I. Double exchange via degenerate orbitals. Physical Review Letters 82 (5) 1016-1019 (1999)

  22. Veen, E.M., Postma, P.M., Jonkman, H.T., Spek, A.L. & Feringa, B.L. Solid state organisation of C-60 by inclusion crystallisation with triptycenes. Chemical Communications (17) 1709-1710 (1999)

  23. Warda, S.A., Massa, W., Reinen, D., Hu, Z.W., Kaindl, G. & de Groot, F.M.F. The ordered K2NiF4-type structure of mixed crystals La2- xSrxLi1/2Co1/2O4 (x < 0.5) and the electronic properties of the constituting Co-III and Co-IV ions. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 146 (1) 79-87 (1999)

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