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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1999

Surfaces and Thin Films
  1. Bennich, P., Puglia, C., Bruhwiler, P.A., Nilsson, A., Maxwell, A.J., Sandell, A., Martensson, N. & Rudolf, P. Photoemission study of K on graphite. Physical Review B 59 (12) 8292-8304 (1999)

  2. Dumas, P., Hein, M., Otto, A., Persson, B.N.J., Rudolf, P., Raval, R. & Williams, G.P. Friction of molecules at metallic surfaces: experimental approach using synchrotron infrared spectroscopy. Surface Science 435 797-805 (1999)

  3. Henrard, L., Malengreau, F., Rudolf, P., Hevesi, K., Caudano, R., Lambin, P. & Cabioc'h, T. Electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of plasmon excitations in concentric-shell fullerenes. Physical Review B 59 (8) 5832-5836 (1999)

  4. Pedio, M., Hevesi, K., Zema, N., Capozi, M., Perfetti, P., Gouttebaron, R., Pireaux, J.J., Caudano, R. & Rudolf, P. C-60/metal surfaces: adsorption and decomposition. Surface Science 437 (1-2) 249-260 (1999)

  5. Rudolf, P., Golden, M.S. & Bruhwiler, P.A. Studies of fullerenes by the excitation, emission, and scattering of electrons. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 100 409-433 (1999)

  6. Sandell, A., Bruhwiler, P.A., Nilsson, A., Bennich, P., Rudolf, P. & Martensson, N. Nature of the ns-derived states for an isolated alkali atom on a surface. Surface Science 429 (1-3) 309-319 (1999)

  7. Torrelles, X., Rius, J., Pedio, M., Felici, R., Rudolf, P., Alvarez, J., Ferrer, S. & Miravitlles, C. In-plane X-ray diffraction study of the C-60/Au(110) p(6x5) reconstructed surface by direct methods. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research 215 (1) 773-777 (1999)

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