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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1998

Optical Condensed Matter Physics
  1. Damascelli, A., Marel, D.v.d., Grüninger, M., Presura, C.N., Palstra, T.T.M., Jegoudez, J. & Revcolevschi, A. Direct two-magnon optical absorption in alpha '-NaV2O5: "Charged" magnons. Physical Review Letters 81 (4) 918-921 (1998)

  2. Damascelli, A., Marel, D.v.d., Parmigiani, F., Dhalenne, G. & Revcolevschi, A. Infrared reflectivity of pure and doped CuGeO3. Physica B 244 114-120 (1998)

  3. Els, G., Lemmens, P., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Guntherodt, G., Lang, H.P., Thommen-Geiser, V. & Guntherodt, H.J. Determination of the superconducting energy gap of Rb3C60 by electronic Raman scattering. Physica C 307 (1-2) 79-86 (1998)

  4. Els, G., Uhrig, G.S., Lemmens, P., Vonberg, H., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Guntherodt, G., Fujita, O., Akimitsu, J., Dhalenne, G. & Revcolevschi, A. Dopant-bound spinons in Cu1-xZnxGeO3. Europhysics Letters 43 (4) 463-468 (1998)

  5. Fischer, M., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Lemmens, P., Guntherodt, G., Buchner, B., Lorenz, T., Breuer, M., Zeman, J., Martinez, G., Dhalenne, G. & Revcolevschi, A. Revival of the spin-Peierls transition in Cu1-xZnxGeO3 under pressure. Physical Review B 57 (13) 7749-7754 (1998)

  6. Gorshunov, B.P., Pronin, A.V., Volkov, A.A., Somal, H.S., Marel, D.v.d., Feenstra, B.J., Jaccard, Y. & Locquet, J.P. Dynamical conductivity of an MBE-grown La1.84Sr0.16CuO4 thin film at frequencies from 5 to 36 cm(-1). Physica B 244 15-21 (1998)

  7. Grüninger, M., Marel, D.v.d., Geserich, H.P., Wolf, T., Erb, A. & Kopp, T. Infrared spectroscopy on Y1-xRExBa2Cu3-yZnyO6 (RE=Pr, Gd, x=0 and 0.8; y=0 and approximate to 0.15). Physica B 244 60-65 (1998)

  8. Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v. Optical spectroscopy on the spin-peierls compound CuGeO3. Solid State Phenomena 61-2 19-26 (1998)

  9. Lorenz, T., Buchner, B., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Schonfeld, F., Chouteau, G., Revcolevschi, A. & Dhalenne, G. Incommensurate phase of CuGeO3: From solitons to sinusoidal modulation. Physical Review Letters 81 (1) 148-151 (1998)

  10. Marel, D.v.d., Damascelli, A., Schulte, K. & Menovsky, A.A. Spin, charge, and bonding in transition metal mono-silicides. Physica B 244 138-147 (1998)

  11. Pronin, A.V., Gorshunov, B.P., Volkov, A.A., Somal, H.S., Marel, D.v.d., Feenstra, B.J., Jaccard, Y. & Locquet, J.P. Anomalous millimeter-wave absorption in the superconducting phase of La2-xSrxCuO4. Jetp Letters 68 (5) 432-436 (1998)

  12. Stevenson, S., Burbank, P., Harich, K., Sun, Z., Dorn, H.C., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., de Vries, M.S., Salem, J.R., Kiang, C.H., Johnson, R.D. & Bethune, D.S. La-2@C-72: Metal-mediated stabilization of a carbon cage. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 102 (17) 2833-2837 (1998)

  13. Tsvetkov, A.A., Marel, D.v.d., Moler, K.A., Kirtley, J.R., Boer, J.L.d., Meetsma, A., Ren, Z.F., Koleshnikov, N.N., Dulic, D., Damascelli, A., Grüninger, M., Schutzmann, J., Eb, J.W.v.d., Somal, H.S. & Wang, J.H. Global and local measures of the intrinsic Josephson coupling in Tl2Ba2CuO6 as a test of the interlayer tunnelling model. Nature 395 (6700) 360-362 (1998)

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