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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 1998

Computational Physics
  1. Garcia-Pablos,D., Garcia,N. & De Raedt,H. Quantum tunneling of the magnetization in nano-scale magnets. Garcia, N., Nieto-Vesperinas, M., and Rohrer, H. Nanoscale science and technology. 65-77. 1998. NATO ASI series E348.

  2. Michielsen,K., De Raedt,H., Przeslawski,J., Garcia,N. & Calsamiglia,J. Time-resolved detection of small objects in turbid media by diffusive light: simulation versus experiment. Jacques, S. L. Proceedings of Laser-tissue interaction IX, SPIE 3254. 372-383. 1998.

  3. Przeslawski,J., Calsamiglia,J., Garcia,N., De Raedt,H. & Michielsen,K. Detection of hidden object in tissue-like phantoms by backscattered diffused light. Benaron, D. A., Chance, B. C., and Ferrari, M. Proceedings of photon propagation in tissues III. SPIE 3194. 228-239. 1998.

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