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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 1998

Surfaces and Thin Films
  1. Hevesi,K., Pedio,M., Zema,N., Gouttebaron,R., Wiame,F., Comite,O., Fardelli,A., Sporken,R., Pireaux,J.J., Caudano,R. & Rudolf,P. C60/metal surfaces: adsorption and decomposition. Kadish, K. M. and Ruoff, R. S. Recent advances in chemistry and physics of fullerenes and related materials. Volume 6. 519-535. 1998. The American Electrochemical Society.

  2. Pireaux,J.J., Gensterblum,G., Gregoire,C., Han,B.Y., Hevsi,K., Fustin,C.A., Rudolf,P., Yu,L.M., Caudano,R., Leigh,D.A. & Zerbetto,F. Study of energy gap and electronic transitions in model polymer systems: electronic versus optical excitations. Prasad, P. N. Science and technology of polymers and advanced materials. 153-164. 1998. New York, Plenum Press.

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