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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1998

Membrane Enzymology
  1. Brondijk, T.H.C., van der Rest, M.E., Pluim, D., de Vries, Y., Stingl, K., Poolman, B. & Konings, W.N. Catabolite inactivation of wild-type and mutant maltose transport proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (25) 15352-15357 (1998)

  2. Broos, J., Hoeve-Duurkens, R.T. & Robillard, G.T. A mechanism to alter reversibly the oligomeric state of a membrane-bound protein demonstrated with Escherichia coli EIImtl in solution. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (7) 3865-3870 (1998)

  3. Choma, C.T., Schudde, E.P., Kellogg, R.M., Robillard, G.T. & Feringa, B.L. A functional mimic of natural peroxidases: synthesis and catalytic activity of a non-heme iron peptide hydroperoxide complex. Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 1 (4) 769-773 (1998)

  4. Choma, C.T., Robillard, G.T. & Englebretsen, D.R. Synthesis of hydrophobic peptides: An Fmoc "Solubilising Tail" method. Tetrahedron Letters 39 (16) 2417-2420 (1998)

  5. de Vocht, M.L., Scholtmeijer, K., van der Vegte, E.W., de Vries, O.M.H., Sonveaux, N., Wosten, H.A.B., Ruysschaert, J.M., Hadziioannou, G., Wessels, J.G.H. & Robillard, G.T. Structural characterization of the hydrophobin SC3, as a monomer and after self-assembly at hydrophobic/hydrophilic interfaces. Biophysical Journal 74 (4) 2059-2068 (1998)

  6. Detmers, F.J.M., Kunji, E.R.S., Lanfermeijer, F.C., Poolman, B. & Konings, W.N. Kinetics and specificity of peptide uptake by the oligopeptide transport system of Lactococcus lactis. Biochemistry 37 (47) 16671-16679 (1998)

  7. Englebretsen, D.R., Choma, C.T. & Robillard, G.T. Synthesis of a designed transmembrane protein by thioether ligation of solubilised segments: N alpha-haloacetylated peptides survived resin cleavage using TFA with EDT as scavenger. Tetrahedron Letters 39 (27) 4929-4932 (1998)

  8. Glaasker, E., Heuberger, E.H.M.L., Konings, W.N. & Poolman, B. Mechanism of osmotic activation of the quaternary ammonium compound transporter (QacT) of Lactobacillus plantarum. Journal of Bacteriology 180 (21) 5540-5546 (1998)

  9. Glaasker, E., Tjan, F.S.B., Ter Steeg, P.F., Konings, W.N. & Poolman, B. Physiological response of Lactobacillus plantarum to salt and nonelectrolyte stress. Journal of Bacteriology 180 (17) 4718-4723 (1998)

  10. Knol, J., Sjollema, K. & Poolman, B. Detergent-mediated reconstitution of membrane proteins. Biochemistry 37 (46) 16410-16415 (1998)

  11. Koning, R.I., Schuurman-Wolters, G.K., Robillard, G.T. & Brisson, A. 8-angstrom projected structure of the transmembrane domain of the enzyme II mannitol transporter, by cryo-electron crystallography. Biophysical Journal 74 (2) A123 (1998)

  12. Kunji, E.R.S., Fang, G., Jeronimus-Stratingh, C.M., Bruins, A.P., Poolman, B. & Konings, W.N. Reconstruction of the proteolytic pathway for use of beta- casein by Lactococcus lactis. Molecular Microbiology 27 (6) 1107-1118 (1998)

  13. Lolkema, J.S., Poolman, B. & Konings, W.N. Bacterial solute uptake and efflux systems. Current Opinion in Microbiology 1 (2) 248-253 (1998)

  14. Meijberg, W., Schuurman-Wolters, G.K., Boer, H., Scheek, R.M. & Robillard, G.T. The thermal stability and domain interactions of the mannitol permease of Escherichia coli - A differential scanning calorimetry study. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (33) 20785-20794 (1998)

  15. Meijberg, W., Schuurman-Wolters, G.K. & Robillard, G.T. Thermodynamic evidence for conformational coupling between the B and C domains of the mannitol transporter of Escherichia coli, enzyme IImtl. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (14) 7949-7956 (1998)

  16. Nakajima, H., Kunji, E.R.S., Poolman, B. & Konings, W.N. Amino acid transport in Lactobacillus helveticus. Fems Microbiology Letters 158 (2) 249-253 (1998)

  17. Poolman, B. & Glaasker, E. Regulation of compatible solute accumulation in bacteria. Molecular Microbiology 29 (2) 397-407 (1998)

  18. Robillard, G.T., Meijberg, W. & Schuurman-Wolters, G.K. Mechanistic aspects of energy coupling in the Escherichia coli mannitol phosphotransferase system: a domain approach. Biochemical Society Transactions 26 (3) 532-538 (1998)

  19. van Dijk, A.A., van Swieten, E., Kruize, I.T. & Robillard, G.T. Physical characterisation of the N-terminal domain of high- molecular-weight glutenin subunit Dx5 from wheat. Journal of Cereal Science 28 (2) 115-126 (1998)

  20. van Montfort, R.L.M., Pijning, T., Kalk, K.H., Hangyi, I., Kouwijzer, M.L.C.E., Robillard, G.T. & Dijkstra, B.W. The structure of the Escherichia coli phosphotransferase IIA(mannitol) reveals a novel fold with two conformations of the active site. Structure 6 (3) 377-388 (1998)

  21. van Nuland, N.A.J., Meijberg, W., Warner, J., Forge, V., Scheek, R.M., Robillard, G.T. & Dobson, C.M. Slow cooperative folding of a small globular protein HPr. Biochemistry 37 (2) 622-637 (1998)

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