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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1997

Surfaces and Thin Films
  1. Hunt, M.R.C., Rudolf, P. & Modesti, S. Localization of substrate-induced modification in the electronic structure of C-60 at fullerene-metal interfaces. Physical Review B 55 (12) 7882-7888 (1997)

  2. Hunt, M.R.C., Rudolf, P. & Modesti, S. Photoemission and electron-energy-loss-spectroscopy study of C- 60 monolayers adsorbed on Cs-precovered Au(110) and of bulk distilled CsxC60. Physical Review B 55 (12) 7889-7903 (1997)

  3. Puglia, C., Bennich, P., Hasselstrom, J., Bruhwiler, P.A., Nilsson, A., Maxwell, A.J., Martensson, N. & Rudolf, P. A photoemission and XAS study of oxygen coadsorbed with a (2x2) layer of K on graphite. Surface Science 383 (2-3) 149-161 (1997)

  4. Rudolf, P., Gensterblum, G. & Caudano, R. Growth and characterization of fullerene interfaces on metallic and semiconductor substrates. Journal de Physique IV 7 (C6) 137-149 (1997)

  5. Rudolf, P., Marchal, F., Sporken, R., Caudano, R., dellOrto, T., Almeida, J., Braem, A., Piuz, F., Sgobba, S., Paic, G., Nappi, E., Valentini, A., Sartori, P. & Coluzza, C. Laterally resolved measurements of polycrystalline cesium iodide surfaces. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A- Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 387 (1-2) 163-170 (1997)

  6. Sandell, A., Hjortstam, O., Nilsson, A., Bruhwiler, P.A., Eriksson, O., Bennich, P., Rudolf, P., Wills, J.M., Johansson, B. & Martensson, N. Bonding of an isolated K atom to a surface: Experiment and theory. Physical Review Letters 78 (26) 4994-4997 (1997)

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