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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1997

  1. Bor, T.C., Delhez, R., Mittemeijer, E.J. & Van der Giessen, E. Simulation of X-ray diffraction-line broadening for a material containing misfitting precipitates. Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 234 896-899 (1997)

  2. Cleveringa, H.H.M., Van der Giessen, E. & Needleman, A. Comparison of discrete dislocation and continuum plasticity predictions for a composite material. Acta Materialia 45 (8) 3163-3179 (1997)

  3. Lai, J. & Van der Giessen, E. A numerical study of crack-tip plasticity in glassy polymers. Mechanics of Materials 25 (3) 183-197 (1997)

  4. Onck, P.R. & Van der Giessen, E. Analysis of intergranular creep crack growth by means of grain- elements. Computational Mechanics 20 (1-2) 109-114 (1997)

  5. Onck, P.R. & Van der Giessen, E. Influence of microstructural variations on steady state creep and facet stresses in 2-D freely sliding polycrystals. International Journal of Solids and Structures 34 (6) 703-726 (1997)

  6. Onck, P.R. & Van der Giessen, E. Microstructurally-based modelling of intergranular creep fracture using grain elements. Mechanics of Materials 26 (2) 109-126 (1997)

  7. Steenbrink, A.C. & Van der Giessen, E. A numerical study of cavitation and yield in amorphous polymer- rubber blends. Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology-Transactions of the Asme 119 (3) 256-261 (1997)

  8. Steenbrink, A.C., Van der Giessen, E. & Wu, P.D. Void growth in glassy polymers. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 45 (3) 405-437 (1997)

  9. Steenbrink, A.C. & Van der Giessen, E. Void growth in glassy poymers: effect of yield properties on hydrostatic expansion. International Journal of Damage Mechanics 6 317-330 (1997)

  10. van der Burg, M.W.D. & Van der Giessen, E. A continuum damage relation for hydrogen attack cavitation. Acta Materialia 45 (7) 3047-3057 (1997)

  11. van der Burg, M.W.D., Shulmeister, V., Van der Giessen, E. & Marissen, R. On the linear elastic properties of regular and random open-cell foam models. Journal of Cellular Plastic 33 31-54 (1997)

  12. Van der Giessen, E. Localized plastic deformations in glassy polymers. European Journal of Mechanics A-Solids 16 87-106 (1997)

  13. Van der Giessen, E., Onck, P.R. & van der Burg, M.W.D. Some effects of random microstructural variations on creep rupture. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 57 (2-3) 205-226 (1997)

  14. Wu, P.D., Neale, K.W. & Van der Giessen, E. On crystal plasticity FLD analysis. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series A- Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 453 (1964) 1831-1848 (1997)

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