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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1997

Physical Organic Chemistry
  1. Bijma, K., Engberts, J.B.F.N., Blandamer, M.J., Cullis, P.M., Last, P.M., Irlam, K.D. & Soldi, L.G. Classification of calorimetric titration plots for alkyltrimethylammonium and alkylpyridinium cationic surfactants in aqueous solutions. Journal of the Chemical Society-Faraday Transactions 93 (8) 1579-1584 (1997)

  2. Bijma, K. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Effect of counterions on properties of micelles formed by alkylpyridinium surfactants .1. Conductometry and H-1-NMR chemical shifts. Langmuir 13 (18) 4843-4849 (1997)

  3. Blandamer, M.J., Briggs, B., Cullis, P.M., Kirby, S.D. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Reorganisation of alkyl chains in vesicles formed in aqueous solution by dialkyldimethylammonium bromide, R(2)N(+)Me(2)Br(-) where R=C12H25, C14H29, C16H33 or C18H37. Journal of the Chemical Society-Faraday Transactions 93 (3) 453-455 (1997)

  4. Buwalda, R.T., Wagenaar, A. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Synthesis and aggregation behavior of cyclic single- and double-tailed phosphate amphiphiles: A novel class of phosphate surfactants - Comparison with the aggregation behavior of sodium di-n-alkyl phosphates. Liebigs Annalen-Recueil (8) 1745-1753 (1997)

  5. Duivenvoorde, F.L., Feiters, M.C., van der Gaast, S.J. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Synthesis and properties of di-n-dodecyl alpha,omega-alkyl bisphosphate surfactants. Langmuir 13 (14) 3737-3743 (1997)

  6. Engberts, J.B.F.N., Hafner, K. & Hopf, H. En route to European journals of inorganic and organic chemistry. Liebigs Annalen-Recueil (1) U1 (1997)

  7. Engberts, J.B.F.N. Physical organic chemistry in the making. Pure and Applied Chemistry 69 (2) 231-233 (1997)

  8. Engberts, J.B.F.N., Hafner, K., Hopf, H. & Temme, R. What is going to become of Chemische Berichte Recueil and Liebigs Annalen Recueil? Liebigs Annalen-Recueil (10) U1 (1997)

  9. Galema, S.A., Engberts, J.B.F.N. & van Doren, H.A. Synthesis, purification and liquid-crystalline behaviour of several alkyl 1-thio-D-glycopyranosides. Carbohydrate Research 303 (4) 423-434 (1997)

  10. Hol, P., Streefland, L., Blandamer, M.J. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Kinetic medium effects of cationic cosolutes in aqueous solution: The effects of alkylammonium bromides on the neutral hydrolysis of 1-benzoyl-1,2,4-triazole. Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 2 (3) 485-488 (1997)

  11. Huetz, P., van Neuren, S., Ringler, P., Kremer, F., van Breemen, J.F.L., Wagenaar, A., Engberts, J.B.F.N., Fraaije, J.G.E.M. & Brisson, A. Relationship between molecular structure and supramolecular morphology of DODA-EO2-biotin and related lipids. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 89 (1) 15-30 (1997)

  12. Lindkvist, B., Weinander, R., Engman, L., Koetse, M., Engberts, J.B.F.N. & Morgenstern, R. Glutathione transferase mimics: Micellar catalysis of an enzymic reaction. Biochemical Journal 323 39-43 (1997)

  13. Pestman, J.M., Terpstra, K.R., Stuart, M.C.A., van Doren, H.A., Brisson, A., Kellogg, R.M. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Nonionic bolaamphiphiles and gemini surfactants based on carbohydrates. Langmuir 13 (25) 6857-6860 (1997)

  14. Posthumus, W., Engberts, J.B.F.N., Bijma, K. & Blandamer, M.J. Isobaric heat capacities of micelle formation by 1-methyl-4-n- dodecyl-pyridinium iodide in aqueous solution: Effects of added urea. Journal of Molecular Liquids 73-4 91-97 (1997)

  15. Smits, E., Engberts, J.B.F.N., Kellogg, R.M. & van Doren, H.A. Cholesteric carbohydrate liquid crystals incorporating an intact glucopyranose moiety. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology Section A-Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 299 427-432 (1997)

  16. Smits, E., Engberts, J.B.F.N., Kellogg, R.M. & van Doren, H.A. Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline behaviour of 4- alkoxyphenyl beta-D-glucopyranosides. Liquid Crystals 23 (4) 481-488 (1997)

  17. Streefland, L., Blandamer, M.J. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Effects of alpha-amino acids and small peptides on the rate of an S(N)1 acetal hydrolysis reaction in aqueous solution: The interplay of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solute hydration. Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 2 (4) 769-773 (1997)

  18. van der Woude, I., Wagenaar, A., Meekel, A.A.P., ter Beest, M.B.A., Ruiters, M.H.J., Engberts, J.B.F.N. & Hoekstra, D. Novel pyridinium surfactants for efficient, nontoxic in vitro gene delivery. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94 (4) 1160-1165 (1997)

  19. Wijnen, J.W. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. A hetero retro Diels-Alder reaction in aqueous solution: A dramatic water-induced increase of the equilibrium constant and inhibition of cycloreversion. Liebigs Annalen-Recueil (6) 1085-1088 (1997)

  20. Wijnen, J.W. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Retro-Diels-Alder reaction in aqueous solution: Toward a better understanding of organic reactivity in water. Journal of Organic Chemistry 62 (7) 2039-2044 (1997)

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